Dirt Devil Endura Max Review

Buying a new vacuum cleaner can be tricky. You want one that is durable; but you also don’t want one that is too heavy or hard to maneuver. Then you have the seemingly endless list of features to sort through.

It’s tougher than it needs to be to make a choice but in the following review, we will be taking a look at the Dirt Devil Endura Max to help you decide if it is the right option for you.

Dirt Devil Endura Max Overview

The Dirt Devil Endura Max is an upright vacuum with an 8 amp motor. It features a turbo brush roll attachment that works great for pet hair. The Dirt Devil Endura Max also performs well on hardwood floors and low-pile carpet.

Dirt Devil Endura Max First Impressions

We really liked that the Dirt Devil Endura Max was pretty much ready to go out of the box. It’s 13 pounds so it’s a good balance of lightweight and sturdy.

Dirt Devil Endura Max Key Features

  • 13” Cleaning Path – The 13” cleaning path is wide enough for most homes and makes shorter work of your vacuuming chores
  • Turbo Brush – It comes with a turbo brush attachment for powerful spot cleaning. It’s also good for pet hair.
  • 5-Foot Hose – The hose retains suction power very well and the 5-foot length is enough to get up in the corners of your ceilings or on top of ceiling fan blades.
  • Washable Filter – The filter can be removed, rinsed with warm water and used over and over again.
  • Spin4Pro Brushroll – The powerful brushroll effectively sucks dirt from both carpet and hardwood floors. There are also 4 height settings.

How to Use the Dirt Devil Endura Max

One of the best things about this vacuum is that it comes ready to go straight out of the box. Just plug it into any standard electrical outlet and you’re ready to start vacuuming.

How Does it Perform?

We liked that it was lightweight and that it came with a crevice tool – it made it a lot easier to not only get around tight corners; but also into tight spots.

How Loud is it?

While we are not given a specific decibel rating for the Dirt Devil Endura Max, from our testing, it did run a bit loud – or at least, a bit louder than other vacuums in this class.

How Heavy?

The Dirt Devil Endura Max weighs 13 pounds.

How is the Waste Stored?

The Dirt Devil Endura Max features a removable dust cup. There are no bags to replace. Just push the dust cup release button and empty the contents into the trash can. Just be aware that the dust cup opens up from the bottom.

Dust Cup Capacity

The dust cup of the Dirt Devil Endura Max can hold up to 2 liters of debris.

How Much Different is the Endura XL?

The Endura XL has a slightly wider cleaning path at 14”. You also get a bit more reach with a 6.6 foot extender hose. The motor is also slightly more powerful at 10 amps.

Endura Max Vs Endura Express

The Endura Express is better for smaller homes, apartments and condos. It’s lighter than the Dirt Devil Endura Max at just 9 pounds; but it also has a narrower cleaning path of 11 inches.

Dirt Devil Endura Max Belt

The Dirt Devil Endura Max uses a style 5 drive belt.

Dirt Devil Endura Max – How to Use the Hose

The Dirt Devil Endura Max features an onboard extender hose. It has a dedicated holder so you just pull it out of the holder to use. You can also put attachments like the crevice tool on the end of the hose.

Dirt Devil Endura Max Review

By far, the thing we liked the most about the Dirt Devil Endura Max was that it’s well-built. It’s sturdy and it’s unlikely that you’ll have to pay for replacement parts. It has good suction from the roller and the hose.

Maneuverability wasn’t the best. It’s a bit clunky around corners and you can’t really get under coffee tables. But that was really our only gripe about it.

Dirt Devil Endura Max XL Pet Review

The Dirt Devil Endura Max XL Pet has a special brush attachment specifically designed for picking up pet hairs. It also has a 14” cleaning path and a 10 amp motor. It’s a good choice if you have a pet that sheds a lot.

How to Clean the Dirt Devil Endura Max

Emptying the dirt cup is very easy. There is a release button near the top. All you have to do is press it and empty the dirt cup into a trash can.

Dirt Devil Endura Max Pros & Cons


  • Sturdy
  • Powerful suction
  • Handy attachments
  • Affordable


  • Not very maneuverable
  • A bit loud

Overall Score: 95/100


Bissell 2252 Cleanview Swivel

The swivel steering makes this vacuum very easy to maneuver. It’s lightweight and has a 1-liter dirt cup. It also comes with a specialized brush attachment for pet hair.

Overall Score: 96/100

Shark NV356E S2 Navigator

You can actually lift the motor off the frame of this vacuum to make it easier to clean overhead or hard-to-reach areas. It also has a sealed HEPA so it’s a good choice if you have allergies.

Overall Score: 96/100

Hoover WindTunnel 2

The Hoover WindTunnel 2 has a cord rewind feature so you don’t have to manually wrap the power cord. It has a powerful 12 amp motor and comes with a slew of attachments so it’s great for larger houses or cleaning needs.

Overall Score: 95/100

Dirt Devil Endura Max FAQ’s

Q: Does the Dirt Devil Endura Max work on hardwood floors?

Yes, you can use the Endura Max on hardwood floors as well as carpet. It has 4 height adjustment settings.

Q: How many amps is the Dirt Devil Endura Max?

The Endura Max has an 8 amp motor.

Q: Is Dirt Devil A Good Brand?

Dirt Devil is one of the most renowned vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the world. They are known for making quality vacuums at multiple price points and often extend good manufacturer warranties.

Q: Does the Dirt Devil Endura Max have a HEPA filter?

The Endura Max does not have a HEPA filter. However, you can rinse and reuse the filter it comes with.

Q: Why is my Dirt Devil not picking up?

The most common cause for loss of suction in Dirt Devil vacuums is a clogged filter. With the Endura Max, you can simply clean the filter with water if this happens.

Q: How Much Does the Dirt Devil Endura Max Weigh?

The Endura Max weighs 11 pounds.

Q: How do you use the wand on Dirt Devil Endura Max?

The Endura Max comes with a plastic wand that, when combined with the 5’ hose, can extend your reach by 10 feet. The wand has its own onboard compartment so you simply have to take it out and attach it to the end of the extender hose.

Final Thoughts

Despite the limited maneuverability of the Dirt Devil Endura Max, it’s still a solid little upright vacuum. If you have a large house, you may want to opt for a larger vacuum with a 10+ amp motor.

However, we think the Endura Max will work well for most people with average-sized homes. It provides good suction, can pick up hair, works on hardwood and carpet and it’s not very expensive.

The Dirt Devil Endura Max definitely deserves your consideration if you are shopping for a new vacuum so be sure to check it out!