Echo CS 620p vs Husqvarna 562xp – What’s The Better Chainsaw?

When considering a chainsaw, think about the function that the chainsaw will perform. Is the chainsaw for professional tree felling or for home maintenance? These important questions will help you to choose the right one.

To make this decision easier we have compiled a review of two chainsaws, the Echo CS 620p and the Husqvarna 562xp. We have looked at the specs and the differences to provide you with a strong overview of both.

As your compare these two machines focus on the weight, fuel capacity, handling, and power of each. This review will provide you with all the relevant information so you can make an informed decision.

An Overview of the Echo CS 620p and Husqvarna 562xp Chainsaws

Husqvarna 562xp

The Echo CS 620p is efficient and has an improved handling compared to earlier models. Due to the ease of use, this chainsaw is a brilliant pick in the midrange class.

With the added benefit of a wrapped aluminum handle which provides improved handling, this is a machine that many buyers love.

The Husqvarna 562xp is a reliable machine that gives a comfortable experience. This chainsaw is not only powerful but also efficient. With a larger fuel capacity, more power, and a higher bar oil capacity, this is a more powerful machine than the Echo.

As an added bonus the Husqvarna has AutoTune technology which ensures an overall cleaner system.

Look at the comparison of the specs below for each machine.

Quick Facts Comparison Table


Echo CS 620p

Husqvarna 562xp




Fuel Capacity



Engine Power

59.8 cc

59.8 cc

Blade Guide

16”- 27”

18”, 20”,24” or 28”

Main Differences between the Echo CS 620p and Husqvarna 562xp

One difference between the Echo and Husqvarna is the length of the blade. This does limit the Husqvarna’s use in relation to climbing tree felling and other related projects.

The engine technology differs between the two. The Echo has a standard 2-stroke engine while the Husqvarna has a stratified engine. As the Husqvarna also has AutoTune, this gives it an edge, as it performs better than the Echo because of its ability to run an optimal system.

Key Selling Points for Each Chainsaw

Echo CS 620p

Husqvarna 562xp

  • Longer operation time
  • Can easily manage forestry or smaller farm projects
  • Equipped with AutoTune which automatically adjusts to the different air filter needs
  • Longer blade
  • Lightweight

What are they Going to Cost Me?

Going for a slightly cheaper price is the Echo at $549.99 for the standard unit with the standard handle. You can choose a wrapped handle which will increase the price to $579.99. The Husqvarna 562xp costs $699.95 with no option to add a wrap handle.

What is the Difference Between the Weight and Handling?

The weight difference between the Echo and Husqvarna is marginal, with the Echo coming in at 13.7lbs compared to the Husqvarna at 13lbs. Concerning the fuel capacity, the Husqvarna is larger which will add more weight, but you will get more mileage from each use.

The Echo is a smaller chainsaw, especially in terms of the blade, therefore it may be easier to handle for smaller projects.

Power Comparison

The power is again marginal between these two. The Echo is 4.5hp while the Husqvarna is 4.7hp. As the Husqvarna has the capacity for a larger blade it definitely needs more power which it puts to good use.


Both machines come with a standard aluminum handle, but the wrap handle of the Echo increases its durability. Each machine is fitted with a magnesium sprocket guard that increases the durability.

What other Features Do these Have?

Features of the Echo CS 620p chainsaw include the following:

  • Perfectly suited for professional and home maintenance use
  • The controls are simple to use
  • Quick and economical starting
  • Wrap handle option

Features of the Husqvarna 562xp chainsaw are:

  • Magnesium crank case which makes it lightweight
  • Larger blade option
  • AutoTune for cleaner running
  • Ergonomically designed

Pros and Cons of the Echo CS 620p and Husqvarna 562xp Chainsaws

Echo CS 620p Pros and Cons:



Easier starting because of the decompression valve.

Less power output

Replaceable nose

Heavier than the Husqvarna

Wrap handle option

Simple to use

Husqvarna 562xp Pros and Cons:




The cost is higher than other machines

28” blade option

Larger blade may be an issue for some projects

Low vibrations

Versatile for different projects

What are Some Common Problems You May Experience?

Flooding can be a problem for the Echo, but this can easily be rectified by drying out the spark plugs when this occurs.

For the Husqvarna, the environment may influence the functioning of the chainsaw. Hotter climates may influence the performance of the machine. The longer blade of the Husqvarna may impede your ability to do specific projects.

What Other Similar Chainsaws could You Consider?

The choice of buying the right machine for your needs is a difficult one. So before you read our recommendation, why not read about a couple more.

Similar machines that we believe you should review are the Echo CS 590 and the Husqvarna 365.  Both of these are great options and will help you see the differences between the Echo 620p and the Husqvarna 562xp.

Which One Do We Recommend?

Each chainsaw selection is unique to the proposed purpose of it. Through reviewing these two very capable machines our recommendation is the Husqvarna. Even though it is more expensive than the Echo it has the larger blade which is good for firewood chopping.

The Husqvarna suits larger and smaller projects making it more versatile. The Echo is not a bad buy and may well be more suited to your specific needs.

Final Thoughts

This comparison gives you a good overview of both machines.

The differences between them are minor and both will be effective for your projects. The Echo and the Husqvarna are good capable machines.

Enjoy your searching for the perfect chainsaw!