Flasky Flowers Net Worth 2022 – Shark Tank Update

Occasionally, a notion so far out there that even Shark Tank is skeptical appears on the show.

When planning your wedding, have you ever wished you could pop open a cold one (without anyone giving you a second glance)? Consider this possibility. Let’s see what Flasky Flowers has been up to since their appearance on the show.

What Is Flasky Flowers?

Flasky Flowers is an innovative company that combines flower flasks and drinkware to create a one-of-a-kind sipping experience. So, did their novel business idea excite the sharks on the show?

Kelly Moynihan, a professional hairstylist, realized, while working at a wedding, how frequently members of the bridal party drink while getting ready.

This gave her the idea to create the sweet and unique flasky flower concept, which can be used with real or fake flowers for a one-of-a-kind bridal party experience. And so the Flasky Flowers business was founded.

Flasky Flowers Net Worth and Overview

Company Name

 Flasky Flowers


Ryan and Kelly Moynihan


Lori Greiner

Mark Cuban

Kevin O’Leary




 $75 000




 $145 000

Shark Tank appearance: Did it go through?

The Moynihan family’s financial situation was complicated because Ryan and Kelly’s firm started sluggishly.

The couple went onto the show requesting $50,000 for 10% equity. The two showed up in bridal garb and presented a lively performance.

The Sharks admired Flasky Flowers for their originality, but they were concerned about the costs of this decision. After Ryan quit his job and they sold their home to raise $60,000, Kelly dedicated herself full-time to the business.

However, the “sharks” rejected their business plan because they believed it was inappropriate for a family with seven children to risk everything on a new venture.

However, the Sharks sympathized with their plight and offered to lend a hand. Rarely does Kevin O’Leary let his sentimental side win out, but this is one of those moments.

Although Kevin and Mark had already agreed, they asked Lori Greiner to join their arrangement by saying they would accept her initial offer of $50,000 for 20%. The business owners agreed to the three’s offer of $75,000 for a 30% split.

After some privacy, the brave couple accepted their offer and took the wedding world by storm with their three new business partners!

Where is Flasky Flowers company today?

The novelty product isn’t taking off just yet, but the company is making small strides following Shark Tank.

Kelly decided to expand her customer base by opening an Etsy shop, and after more than a year, she has completed over 400 transactions.

FlaskyFlowers.com, hosted on the Shopify e-commerce platform, is where they make direct sales to customers. To boost sales, the price was raised from $20 to $25, excluding the flowers.

Their home-based operation is worth an estimated $400,000 as of this writing. Slow recovery in the wedding market has resulted in weaker-than-anticipated sales.

As a result of the Sharks’ investment and the company’s anticipated rapid growth, the group expects the company’s value to rise to more than $1 million within the next few years.


Ryan and Kelly intend to build their business into a global powerhouse!

Flasky Flowers is a novel and brilliant business concept that just requires time, effort, and energy to gain momentum. We do not doubt that it will be difficult to beat once the business gets going!