Sheets Laundry Club Net Worth 2022 – Shark Tank Update

Former UH60 Standardization Pilot and Aviation Safety Officer for the United States Army, Chris Videau, served in the military from 1996 until 2016.

Before setting out to make a name for Sheets Laundry Club, he was the franchise owner of an alternative art school.

On the other hand, Chris Campbell was the chief executive officer of Capital Management Investments before he and Videau founded Sheets Laundry Service.

What Is Sheets Laundry Club?

Chris Videau, a combat veteran, has flown helicopters for the military for the past two decades.

Since he was in his job, he was constantly exposed to the depressing realities of the global plastic waste problem, and as a result, his health began to deteriorate as well.

The burning waste adversely harmed Chris’s lungs in the landfills, which motivated him to strike out on his own with his business partner Chris Campbell to establish “Sheets Laundry Club.”

Sheets Laundry Club formulates eco-friendly cleaning and laundry solutions.

Chris Videau and Chris Campbell, his company partner, are dedicated to rescuing our world by reducing the usage of plastic and enticing customers to switch to their carefully crafted pre-measured and dehydrated sheets.

After launching in January 2020 and surviving the height of the epidemic to begin effecting change “one sheet at a time,” Sheets Laundry Club was closing in on $7,000,000 in lifetime sales by the end of 2021.

Sheets Laundry Club Net Worth and Overview

Company Name

Sheets Laundry Club


Chris Videau

Chris Campbell


Daniel Lubetzky








±$1,5 million

Shark Tank appearance: Did it go through?

The two entered Shark Tank seeking a $500,000 investment from one of the sharks in exchange for 5% ownership.

Despite the team’s lofty goals, the sharks saw potential in their product and offered them a deal they couldn’t refuse.

Guest shark Daniel Lubetzky was enthusiastic and engaged from the get-go. He believes he can contribute to the team’s international expansion because he is already invested in effecting change and runs his firm in the sustainable market.

In exchange for 8% equity and 2% advisory shares, Lubetzky offered the team $500,000. This was too good of an offer for the squad to refuse.

The business duo walked away with a partner alongside them and a business to grow!

Where is Sheets Laundry Club company today?

When he first announced Sheets Laundry Club, Videau was taken aback by the audience’s enthusiastic response; he couldn’t believe how many people were interested in trying an alternative to conventional laundry detergents.

Sheets Laundry Club was also highlighted on WCNC and Fortune due to its rapid expansion. Sales went up, and it prompted Videau to expand his company.

So he started thinking of various kinds of soaps and detergents that could be successful.

The company currently offers laundry detergent sheets and other cleaning products, such as plastic-free deodorant, plastic-free floor cleansers, dryer sheets, dishwasher detergent, and smell boosters.

The costs are modest, and clients can purchase convenient pre-assembled packages.

The company also provides a subscription service with flexible payment terms and price breaks for repeat orders. Sheets Laundry Club sells its wares on both Amazon and its website, with free shipping on all domestic orders over $12.99.


After being featured on Shark Tank, Sheets Laundry Club has seen explosive growth.

Sheets are inspired to keep growing and contributing to the company’s success on a much larger scale because its domestic sales have been so successful.