Copper Cow Coffee Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank?

Debbie Wei Mullin, the woman behind Copper Cow Coffee, set out to popularize Vietnamese coffee internationally. Although coffee has few ingredients, how it is prepared and consumed varies significantly among cultures.

Mullin’s mother is from Vietnam, and the people there enjoy a sweetened condensed milk combination. Mullin told the Sharks that the caramel-flavored coffee was a staple in her childhood but that as an adult, she had trouble finding it in cafes and found it inconvenient to make at home.

Because of this, she came up with a simple, one-shot version of the beverage. Nothing fancy needs to be bought, and you won’t need to open a can of condensed milk.

Let’s look at how her appearance on the show turned out!

What Is Copper Cow Coffee?

When it comes to exporting coffee, Vietnam is second only to Brazil. Their coffees are popular in the United States and other countries worldwide and are shipped to many more.

Debbie is quite enthusiastic about Vietnamese culture and particularly enjoys Vietnamese coffee’s delicious, creamy delicacy.

Real coffee, prepared in the traditional Vietnamese manner, has a rich flavor and many health benefits. The Vietnamese coffee known as Copper Cow Coffee, it just that and requires no special tools to design, with no artificial flavors or colors used to create this coffee.

Copper Cow Coffee’s biodegradable pour-over filter is a notable feature. The filter, which resembles a tea bag and is common in Japan, is pre-filled with coffee beans cultivated in Vietnam.

A tube of California-grown, preservative-free condensed milk is included in the packaging, so all you have to do is add hot water to prepare this sweet delight.

Copper Cow Coffee Net Worth and Overview

Company Name

Copper Cow Coffee


Debbie Wei Mullin


Robert Herjavec






±$3 million

Shark Tank appearance: Did it go through?

In exchange for only 4% of her company, Mullin asked the Sharks for an astronomical $600,000.

Since she had previously put in a lot of groundwork by selling in department shops and high-end retailers like Williams-Sonoma before appearing on the show, she had every right to be overconfident.

They settled on a $600,000 cash payment from Robert Herjavec in exchange for 5.5% of her business and 1.5% in advisory shares.

Where is Copper Cow Coffee company today?

According to an interview Mullin provided to Modern Retail after her “Shark Tank” episode aired, the changes in Copper Cow’s business were attributable just as much to the pivots she took during the pandemic as they were to any aid from the show’s investors.

Before COVID-19, wholesale sales accounted for 90% of the brand’s revenue, with 50% coming from sales in department stores. In the wake of the epidemic, these revenues dried up, and the company lost its contracts as consumers avoided crowded public spaces like shopping malls out of fear for their safety.

After losing half of her income, Mullin did not give up. Grocery stores stayed open during the outbreak. According to Mullin, the profits were less than with department shops, but the Market was significantly expanded.

More than three thousand outlets carry the brand presently, including major chains like Whole Foods, Walmart, Sprouts, and the online marketplace Thrive Market.

Copper Cow Coffee appears to be doing well despite the agreement with Herjavec falling through. As of June 2022, the company’s annual sales were $3 million.

Copper Cow Coffee also saw a significant increase in sales through its direct-to-consumer website, and the company has since expanded to add three varieties of tea.