Echo Valley Meats Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank?

What Is Echo Valley Meats?

In 1998, Echo Valley Meats opened as a regular corner store. And yet, a third-generation cattle farmer and company founder Dave Alwan had sights set much higher than the neighborhood.

He planned to distribute Echo Valley Meats, a company based in Illinois, over the entire country.

Echo Valley Meats is a quality meat business specializing in butcher shop quality and providing the most delectable meats from the farm to the table nationwide.

The meats featured in the gift baskets range from cold cuts to premium steaks.

He had been working on expanding his mail-order business for ten years at that point, and he claimed that word of mouth had been his primary form of advertising throughout that time.

With the help of one of the Sharks, Alwan hoped to “take the business to the next level.” When entering the tank, he asked for $400,000 in exchange for 20% of the company.

Echo Valley Meats  Net Worth and Overview

Company Name

Echo Valley Meats


Dave Alwan


Mark Cuban








$5 million

Shark Tank appearance: Did it go through?

Alwan is one of the very few to make it to the tank twice. In fact, he actually made history with his second appearance!

The Sharks were impressed by the meat samples entrepreneur Dave Alwan provided, but they were surprised to learn of his poor profit margins.

Echo Valley Meats made $1.2 million the year before Alwan appeared on the show, but the net profit was only about $25,000, according to Alwan’s estimates. He said he has no debt and owns all of his machinery outright to support his claim.

When pressed by the Sharks about next year’s projected profits, though, he just said, “about $55k.” The Sharks questioned, “Why is the profit so low?”

The Sharks were understandably wary about investing $300,000 in Alwan after he acknowledged that he didn’t know anything about marketing. Mark Cuban said to Alwan, “You’re coming in unprepared; “I’m out.”

Not obtaining a deal on the first try on “Shark Tank” didn’t phase him in the slightest. Alwan’s sales went up after his episode on the show, and he immediately began analyzing the data to determine where he might improve.

The Sharks were so impressed that in 2015’s “Featured Update,” they brought Alwan back to pitch again.

Only this time did he ask for $150,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the company. Alwan decided that the mail-order portion of Echo Valley Meats was the only part of the firm that needed to expand; thus, since his last appearance, he has separated the two.

Following Alwan’s presentation, Shark Daymond John remarked, “You got your figures down this time.”

Thanks to his impressive pitch, Alwan received a $150k investment from Mark Cuban in exchange for 25% ownership in the company and rave reviews from the other Sharks.

Where is Echo Valley Meats company today?

There has been consistent expansion at Echo Valley Meats since its founding and airing on the show. The business now offers gourmet cheeses, twice-baked potatoes, and gift boxes.

From October 2021, Echo Valley Meats bring in between $5 and $10 million annually.

Company-wide, all products are vacuum-sealed before being packed in dry ice and boxes for shipping in freezer totes.

Echo Valley Meats is the epitome of “second chances,” and we are so glad they are thriving today!