Do First Floor Apartments Get More Bugs & How Can You Keep Them Out?

So you may have had a bad experience with bugs and other creepy crawlies in your apartment and now you are either trying to get rid of them or you are trying to avoid this situation in your quest for securing your perfect first floor homely-haven.

It is possible for first floor apartments to have more bugs than higher floors but is that enough to put you off the apartment that you just know will be perfect for yourself and/or your family? By providing the information below we hope to assist you in making that decision.

What 7 Types Of Bugs Are Most Common On The First Floor?

Let’s start by looking at the top 7 creepies that you may find in your home a according to Forbes Home, as you could possibly find these in your first floor apartment as well.

# 1 Ants

Ants are the biggest problem in American homes. There are hundreds of ant species but the most common are carpenter ants, odorous house ants and pavement ants. They get in through the tiniest of spaces and are usually after food particles including anything from sweet stuff to crumbs of food.

# 2 Cockroaches

Finding a cockroach in your kitchen is truly a reason to panic because where there is one, there are probably more. They carry all kinds of germs and being attracted to food they can spread these germs all over your kitchen and contaminate even the cleanest areas. They are usually black or red, with flat oval-shaped bodies and long antennae. They like to hide out in dark places and reproduce at a rapid rate. You may need professional help to get rid of them.

# 3 Termites

Termites really do spark fear in homeowners as they can literally destroy your home by eating through any wooden structures in no time at all. The tell-tales signs of their presence include bubbling paint and persistent wood “dust” on surfaces.  You will definitely need the services of a professional pest control company to get rid of these little pests.

# 4 Flies

Flies, including common house flies, fruit flies, and gnats, are known to transport more than 100 various illness causing germs. Because flies are drawn to food they can actually contaminate it and cause any number of illnesses. Flies also reproduce rapidly but can be exterminated quickly by using DIY eco-friendly methods. MedicineNet has some handy DIY tips for fly extermination.

# 5 Spiders

Although spiders actually serve a useful pest-control purpose themselves and are actually mostly harmless, coming across one can be a little unnerving. Try to keep them out by making sure that your doors and windows seal properly and fill any little cracks that could let them through.

# 6 Mosquitos

Besides delivering itchy bites, these little blood suckers also carry and spread disease and, when outdoors, do it undetected. They do however produce the whining sound and are very annoying when indoors. Keep them out of your home using screens over doors and windows and don’t allow stagnant water outside to stand for too long as this is where they breed. This article from MasterClass explains how to make and use natural mosquito repellents.

# 7 Bees or Wasps

Although bees and wasps are a very important part of the ecosystem you don’t want them in your home as their stings are dangerous and can be fatal if you have an allergic reaction. The statics of fatalities from hornet, wasp, and bee stings is shown in this paper released by the Centre for Disease Control.

If you see them more and more it means that there could be a hive or nest around the home that you need to have moved by a person who does this professionally.

Are Bugs More Common In First Floor Apartments and How Do They Get Inside in the First Place?

According to this article form ThinkRealState bugs and flying insects should be less common in first floor apartments but this depends on a few factors such as whether there is exposed food and a place to reproduce.

They can usually get in through the obvious places – open windows and doors and then also the not-so-obvious places like cracks in walls and your drains. Yes, some insects get into your home through the drains in your kitchen sink, baths, and basins which can be the most unhygienic places in your home according to the experts at IdealService.

Does a messy room attract bugs?

A messy room can attract bugs as explained by the experts at Pest Strategies. By not tidying and cleaning up you are creating hiding and nesting places for certain pests and this could actually lead to:

  • Damage of things that may be important you such as bed linen and clothes.
  • Infections by contaminating your living area or actually biting into your skin.
  • Contaminating perishable items in your kitchen.
  • Getting into the flooring and walls of your home.
  • Laying eggs and eventually infesting your home.

How Can You Get Rid of Bugs in Your First Floor Apartment and Keep It Bug-Proof?

There are ways that you can get rid of bugs but just remember that not all bugs are pests and some bugs are actually beneficial to have around.

Some cultures even have folklore that is centred on certain bugs as explained in this Wikipedia article about insects and mythology.

Getting Rid of Bugs

Pest and bug control should be viewed as part of the regular upkeep of your home. Failure to keep your eye on this aspect of home life could have a detrimental effect on your home, your health, and your finances.

As explained in this article by Pests In The Home you could implement DIY methods to get rid of some pests but there are certain pests that compromise public health and should be handled by professional pest control companies. Another scenario where you would need a professional exterminator would be if you have wood eating termites in your home that could actually weaken and destroy the structure of your home.

Keeping your Home Bug-Free

According to Pests In The Home  there are measures that you can put in place to make sure that your first floor apartment stays bug-free.

  • Install screens over all openings and be sure to fix any holes or tears in them to stop bugs from getting in.
  • Install weather stripping and door sweeps around your doors to keep bugs out and to stop light from escaping from your home and attracting bugs.
  • Make sure that all your door seals are not perished and are sealing door frames properly.
  • Keep all cracks in the walls filled up.
  • Doors that don’t have seals should have a self-closing mechanism to make sure that nothing can sneak in.
  • If there are any leaking pipes they should be fixed as quickly as possible.
  • Store your food and your pet’s food in containers that are airtight so that it doesn’t attract pests and keep food hidden in the fridge or freezer.
  • And last but not least keep your kitchen and home super clean so that pests are not attracted to your home in the first place.

Are There Home Made Solutions for Getting Rid of Bugs?

As previously discussed there are home-made and natural recipes for things such as mosquito repellent, and this article by Elevate Pest Control actually delves a bit deeper into natural substances that could help to rid you of certain bugs. Here they are:

Solution #1.

Use basil to repel flies.

Solution #2.

Use a mild solution of dish soap to stop ants in their tracks.

Solution #3.

Use a mixture of lime or lemon juice and water to repel spiders.

Solution #4.

Pour some maple syrup into an empty wine bottle and rub the top of the bottle with cooking oil, and voila you have a cockroach trap.

Solution #5.

Sprinkle baking soda over your mattress if you have Bed Bugs as it will completely dehydrate the bugs.

Solution #6.

Spread salt around areas where fleas are a problem and like baking soda does to bed bugs; they will be completely dehydrated and die.

Solution #7.

Spray a solution of Neem Oil and water onto any area that needs a natural pesticide and watch those pesky little things die or scurry on off.


Q: Do higher floors always have fewer bugs?

When it comes to flying insects such as mosquitoes the answer is yes as they cannot fly higher than around 4 floors.

Q: Why do bugs come in my room at night?

Bugs come into your room at night if there is a light on that attracts them and there is an opening for them to get in.

Q: Do certain colors keep bugs away?

Yes, according to Five Star Painting  green and blue actually repel insects.

Q: How are roaches getting in my apartment?

Roaches get into apartments through any openings that they can get fir through.

Q: What smells do roaches hate?

According to Pest Pointers roaches hate the smell of citronella, basil, mint thyme, and citrus and these substances can be used to repel them.

Q: What is the cockroach’s natural enemy?

According to Orkin cockroaches do have predators including frogs, toads, mice, shrews, beetles, spiders, and other small creatures.

Insects and other pests can really make you feel unsettled in your own home and they should be taken care of before they become a huge problem that could lead to the damage of your home and the contents of your home. Unfortunately many people have and still do use toxic chemicals to get rid of pests which can actually affect the health of pets and children in the home. Hopefully we have provided you with environmentally safe ways of displacing and getting rid of your unwanted creeping visitors so that you can have peace of mind.