Echo 590 vs Echo 620 – What’s The Better Chainsaw?

For your convenience we have reviewed two chainsaws, the Echo 590 and the Echo 620. There are marginal differences between these two, but as you will see these differences have a big impact on performance.

Deciding which chainsaw to purchase can be tough, but we have compared the differences to make it easier for you. While you go through this review pay attention to the blade guide sizes, power output and durability.

This review will provide you with all the necessary information to make the right choice when choosing a chainsaw.

What are the Main Features of the Echo 590 and Echo 620 Chainsaws

The 590 is designed for farm and range work which it handles brilliantly. As the 590 has a magnesium crank case, the durability is excellent. Due to the combination of its compact size, power, and 20” blade, the 590 is a very efficient machine.

The Echo 620 is a more professional saw and comes with more blade size options making it more versatile. Due to the power of the 620, it cuts through hardwood with ease. Add to that the aluminium handle and the upgraded magnesium sprocket guard, and you are guaranteed an incredibly durable saw.

Quick Facts Comparison Table


Echo 590  

Echo 620




Noise Output

112.2 dB(A)

101.6 dB (A)

Fuel Capacity



Engine Displacement



Engine Power

3.0 kW

3.2 kW

Blade Guide

18”, 20”

16”- 24”, 27”

What are the Differences Between the Echo 590 and the 620

Both chainsaws are very similar with subtle differences. One difference is that the 620 can be fitted with larger blades and is more durable. It is slightly heavier than the 590, but this difference is minor.

A debateable difference is that the 590’s engine is an older carb design and not the cleaner strato charged design. This isn’t necessarily a negative point, as it is still debatable whether the older or newer design is better.

Key Selling Points for Each Chainsaw


  • Compact design
  • High torque engine
  • Easy starting
  • Magnesium crank case
  • Easy to clean and change the air filter
  • Cost effective


  • More power
  • Longer blade options
  • Wrapped handle option
  • Magnesium sprocket guard
  • Aluminium handle
  • Dual bumper spikes

What is the Price Difference Between these Chainsaws?

When looking at the prices of these two chainsaws, the 590 is significantly cheaper than the 620. The 590 is retailing for between $420 – $440 while the 620 is retailing for around $600.

Why the price difference? The 620 is more expensive because it is designed for professional use, but is versatile enough for private users.

Which One is Going to Be Easier to Use?

Owing to the anti-vibration technology of the 590, handling is smooth and easy. The 590’s handle can be less sturdy than other models and this may take some time to adjust to.

It must be highlighted that the handle doesn’t affect the durability of the machine, just the comfort level.

Due to the aluminium handle and the option to wrap it, the 620 is a dream to work with. As with all Echo chainsaws the antivibration contributes to effective handling. Depending on which blade size you choose, the handling of the 620 may be affected.

Which One has More Power?

Both chainsaws are incredibly powerful, and the difference is minimal. The 590 is a torque saw which can negatively influence the RPM output.

The 620 is brilliant on hardwood and makes an easy task of cutting through these types of wood. Due to the power of the 620, it is an effective chainsaw for professional use.

What are Some of the Extra Features of these Chainsaws?

Features of the Echo 590 chainsaw include the following:

  • Blade is well oiled throughout use
  • Easy starting and good idling
  • Reduced noise emission
  • Quick maintenance and refuelling

Features of the Echo 620 chainsaw include:

  • Magnesium Sprocket Guard
  • Easy start because of the decompression valve
  • Translucent fuel tank
  • Has a solid bar which increases durability and strength
  • Very effective at cutting through hardwood
  • Features the rim sprocket for increased durability

Pros and Cons of the Echo 590 and 620 Chainsaws

Echo 590


  • KickGuard attachment for the tip of the bar
  • Excellent weight to power balance
  • Excellent torque


  • KickGuard can reduce cutting ability
  • Laminated bar which may be prone to breaking
  • 1 ring piston design
  • Heavier on fuel

Echo 620


  • Aluminium handle with the option of a wrapped option
  • Solid bar
  • 2 ring piston design
  • Good ignition coil


  • More expensive
  • Slightly heavier
  • Oiling system for the blade

What Possible Problems May You Experience?

Due to the bar of the 590 being laminated, it is not as durable as the solid bar of the 620. It is important to consider the cost of replacing this bar compared to the initial higher purchase price of the 620. Since the 620 blade is more durable, the bar won’t have to be replaced as often.

Looking at the oiling system of both machines, the 620 is not as effective as the 590. This may cause issues with performance and may affect the longevity of the 620.

Which One Should You Purchase?

The 590 will suit the typical homeowner or hobbyist. It is smaller, more versatile, and the added features of the 620 wouldn’t necessarily be needed for the homeowner.

The 620 is more suited to the professional user. Due to the upgrades, the larger blade, and the higher output this is a powerful saw. The 620 is more expensive but considering the extra features it is money well spent.

Final Thoughts

This comparison was done to help you select the most relevant chainsaw for your specific needs. Both chainsaws are of premium quality and either one will give you good use for your future projects. Rest assured that whichever one you choose it will be a good choice!