Echo CS-352 Vs Echo CS-400 Chainsaw – What’s the Better Option?

Echo CS-352 Vs Echo CS-400 Chainsaw

“When it comes to chainsaws, bigger is not always better.”

You don’t necessarily have to pay top-dollar for a massive chainsaw when all you need is to be able to do some light storm cleanup or cut a couple cords of firewood.

The Echo CS-352 and Echo CS-400 chainsaws are perfect examples of that fact.

They are both mid-sized chainsaws that would be great for residential use. However, there are some key differences that you should know about before making a decision on one.

So let’s take a close look at both of these Echo chainsaws.

Overview of the Echo CS-352 Vs the Echo CS-400

As you might be able to guess from the names of these two chainsaws, one is slightly larger and more powerful.

In fact, the difference between them can be summed up with one word: power. The Echo CS-352 has a 34cc engine while the Echo CS-400 sports a 40.2cc engine.

So right away, the Echo CS-400 has more overall power.

But don’t write the Echo CS-352 off altogether. While the Echo CS-400 certainly is more capable of cutting through hardwood logs smoother and faster, that doesn’t really matter if you don’t process hardwoods often.

Plus, you have to consider the fact that the Echo CS-400 costs over $50 more than the Echo CS-352.

Echo CS-352 Key Features

Echo CS-352

  • Vibration Reduction System – The Echo CS-352 was designed to eliminate excess vibration for enhanced operator comfort.
  • Clutch-Driven Oiler – The automatic oiler responds to usage and operates only when the chain is actually in motion.
  • Top-Mounted Air Filter – The air filter can easily be accessed without the use of tools.

Echo CS-352 Common Issues

Some customers have said that their Echo CS-352 seizes up which can be a problem in the cylinder.

Echo CS-352 Pros & Cons


  • More affordable
  • Great for firewood cutting
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy on the body


  • Not as powerful as the CS-400
  • Oiler has problems

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Echo CS-400 Key Features

Echo CS-400

  • Automatic Adjustable Oiler – Responds to cutting conditions and works better than the clutch-driven oiler.
  • Pre-Clean Filter – The air filter will actually eject larger debris for longer overall life.
  • Chain Brake System – The chain will stop automatically if enough inertia is generated by kickback.

Echo CS-352 Common Issues

There have been multiple reports from consumers about bad spark plugs in the Echo CS-400

Echo CS-400 Pros & Cons


  • Very powerful
  • Handles hardwood well
  • Good safety features
  • Better oiler system


  • It’s more expensive than the Echo CS-352
  • There may be some issues with the spark plug

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Who Should Buy Each?

It’s clear that the Echo CS-400 is the better chainsaw if you need to process hardwoods.

The Echo CS-352 is up to the task; but we can tell that the engine was running hot and labored with hardwood.

So overall, the Echo CS-400 will probably last longer if you need to cut large diameter logs and hardwood species.

Price Comparison

You can buy both of these saws directly from Echo. The Echo CS-352 will run you about $250 while the Echo CS-400 costs around $320.

Weight & Handling Comparison

Naturally, the Echo CS-352 is the lighter of the two saws at 8.8 pounds.

The Echo CS-400 weighs 10.1 pounds and you can feel the weight difference when you use these saws. They both have comfortable wrap-around handles; but the Echo CS-400 vibrates higher too.

Chain & Blade Comparison

The Echo CS-400 is available with both 16 and 18 inch bars. The Echo CS-352 is available with a 16” bar.

Power Comparison

The Echo CS-352 matches up pretty well against its big brother but it will bog down if you are deep in a large-diameter log.

You get less power loss with the Echo CS-400 so on paper and in practice, it’s clearly the more powerful saw.

Efficiency Comparison

We thought the Echo CS-352 would be more fuel-efficient but the Echo CS-400 was at least comparable to the Echo CS-352.

It doesn’t consume much more fuel per minute than the Echo CS-352.

Durability Comparison

Neither the Echo CS-352 nor the Echo CS-400 are as durable as, say, a Husqvarna chainsaw.

And to be honest, neither of them would last very long in a commercial setting. But they are reasonably durable as long as you maintain them well and don’t use them for milling or major cord cutting.

Other Chainsaws to Consider

Stihl MS 661 Magnum

Stihl MS 661 Magnum

This is a heavy-duty chainsaw that is certainly cut out for commercial use. It has a 91.1cc engine that generates over 7 HP.

This is a great saw to have around if you are doing milling work or need to buck large diameter trees.

Overall Score: 96/100

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Husqvarna 455 Rancher

Husqvarna 455 Rancher

This is another powerful chainsaw that would be suitable for light commercial use. It has a 3.5 HP engine and comes with a 20” bar.

You can slap a larger bar on it for sure. It generates 6,600 RPMs max and has an air injected filter system which ejects large debris. This keeps the air filter cleaner and extends its overall life.

Overall Score: 97/100

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Stihl 880

Stihl 880

The Stihl 880 has advanced periphery features like a compensating carburetor and adjustable oil pump. It has an engine displacement of 121.6cc and is a workhorse of a chainsaw.

It’s suitable for milling, forestry work, professional tree care and just about any other kind of work you can throw at it.

Overall Score: 96/100

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Final Assessment

echo chainsaw

One big point of emphasis for us was the oiler.

The Echo CS-352 comes with a clutch-driven oiler which just doesn’t work as well as the adjustable automatic oiler of the Echo CS-400.

In the short-term, this can cause annoyance as you will have to fiddle with the oiler a lot on the Echo CS-352.

In the long-term it could affect the longevity of the chainsaw. It does cost a little more, but if you have the money to spend, go with the Echo CS-400.