Fresh Patch Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank?

Andrew Feld created and ran the successful online retailer Fresh Patch. He saw his dog’s interest in the grass he picked from his balcony one day and decided to give it to him while he, his wife, and his dog were crammed into a small Miami apartment.

There is nothing worse for a dog than not having a backyard, so Andrew built a “mini-backyard” for Chloe on their balcony so she could have some outdoor space.

What Is Fresh Patch?

The Fresh Patch company sells grass-based doggy diapers cultivated in hydroponic systems.

You might think of the patches as a paper-cloth mat placed in the path your dog will be doing their business. To reduce urine odor, the patches help absorb the pee.

This may be a fantastic choice if you have a dog or cat and live in the city without a yard. This item comes in two different sizes, and it’s suitable for little and large dogs and compact enough to fit practically anywhere.

Disposability is the most notable quality of this product. Because it is constructed of natural grass, which naturally absorbs urine and other odors, it never needs to be cleaned or replaced.

In terms of subscription businesses, Fresh Patch has a large and dedicated customer base. The standard size of the patch collar means it is suitable for dogs weighing under 15 pounds.

Fresh Patch Net Worth and Overview

Company Name

Fresh Patch


Andrew Feld


Barbara Corcoran

Mark Cuban






Davenport, Florida


$2 million

Shark Tank appearance: Did it go through?

Upon entering Shark Tank, Andrew dressed as his beloved pooch, Chloe. Talk about a grand entrance!

The grassy area was a massive hit with Chloe, but it was a pain to keep up because the grass would eventually die. This is the inspiration for Fresh Patch, the first service of its type that delivers actual grass directly to your doorstep.

Hydroponically grown, fresh grass is delivered to customers across the country in Fresh Patch’s signature green boxes.

When your new Fresh Patch arrives on your doorstep, all you have to do is take it out of the box and toss the old one. Pet owners of all stripes benefit from the Fresh Patch experience, as the grassy surface is a hit with animals of all shapes and sizes.

Andrew appeared on the tank offering $150,000 for 10% shares. But did any of the sharks bite?

It was a bit of a bumpy road for the founder. Robert conceded that he didn’t have much hope that his dog would use it. However, Kevin was only keen on investing in Fresh Patch in exchange for 33 percent equity.

On the other hand, Barbara stated that she would be willing to join the retail business for $150,000 in exchange for 20% stock, an offer matched by Mark.

Mark insisted that Andrew make a quick choice after much urging. After creating an effort to rebut Barbara, Andrew accepts a compromise Barbara and Mark offer.

And so, although he is walking away with less company ownership, he is walking away with two business partners!

Where is Fresh Patch company today?

The contract with Barbara and Mark fell through during the due diligence process. This fact, however, in no way undermines the company’s success. The opposite is true; they’ve expanded dramatically in recent times.

There has been a rapid success for Andrew since the show aired. They now provide patches in various sizes, from minor to normal to large to extra large.

Additionally, they have begun offering bundles with a unique wooden sleeve (available for bunnies, kitties, and puppies).

They also provide a variety of all-natural training goodies on their website, like chicken jerky and sweet potato treats. In addition, they sell sprays that can be used in conjunction with their grass areas for when a dog needs to go potty.


Despite the failed business arrangement with Mark and Barbara, Fresh Patch is still going strong as of January 2022, bringing around $2 million in annual income.