Halogen Oven Vs Microwave Oven – What Is The Better Option

There are so many different kitchen appliances available today and before you know it you have no more counter space left due to all the machines.

An excellent trick to avoiding this is to be selective and only get efficient, useful, and versatile appliances. Two of the best options are the halogen oven and the microwave oven, but which one is the better option?

This article will explore exactly what the halogen oven is, what the microwave oven is, how they compare, and which one is the best. This will help you to choose your next kitchen appliance.

Introduction to Halogen Ovens And Microwave Ovens

A microwave oven uses electromagnetic radiation from short-wavelength radio waves to heat up and cook food. According to Microwave Geek, it does this by vibrating the food’s water molecules which generates heat.

Halogen ovens work with a halogen light bulb that emits infrared light waves within a heating chamber that then creates heat and cooks food.

Halogen Vs Microwave Oven Comparison Table


Halogen Oven

Microwave Oven

Cooking Method

Infrared light

Electromagnetic radiation

Energy Usage




50 USD – 200 USD

100 USD – 400 USD

Food Quality

High-quality result

Medium-quality result


Very versatile

Not very versatile

How Important Is The Oven Type?

The type of oven you have is very important because it can either improve or lessen your quality of life. There is not really a right and wrong here, it just depends on your needs and your lifestyle and according to that, you can find an oven type that best meets your needs.

What Is A Halogen Oven

A halogen oven is a small countertop oven that can be used to cook all kinds of food. They come with user-friendly features like a timer, and they are very time and energy efficient

How Does It Work?

Halogen ovens work by powering a halogen light bulb which releases infrared light and causes the heating chamber to heat up. The heat is circulated in the chamber with the help of a van.


  • Affordable appliances
  • Low energy use
  • Quick cooking


  • They take up countertop space
  • The light bulb creates a lot of light
  • The light bulbs tend to blow after some time

What Is A Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens have been around since the 2nd world war. In their time, they revolutionized the cooking process by offering the first quick and energy-efficient way of cooking compared to the traditional oven.

How Does It Work?

Microwaves work by creating electromagnetic radiation by producing short wavelength radio waves. These radio waves cause the water molecules in the food to vibrate and this creates heat.


  • Quick and easy
  • Energy efficient


  • The food can become soggy or dry
  • Not very versatile in cooking methods

Why Would You Choose A Halogen Oven Over A Microwave Oven

Better Food Quality

Halogen ovens are more similar to conventional ovens so they can create that crispy and crunchie texture. It also heats food more evenly for a more controlled cooking process.

More Versatile

Halogen ovens are very versatile. You can cook almost anything in a halogen oven, including roasts, pizzas, breakfasts, cakes, and more. This makes it a great multi-purpose appliance to have.

Easy to Use

These ovens are extremely user-friendly. They come with a transparent heating dish so that you can see your food cook. There are also other features like a thermostat and a timer. They are also easy to clean.

Why Would You Choose A Microwave Over A Halogen Oven


Microwave ovens are very quick. You can put something in the microwave and within 1 minute it will be warmed up. This is a great thing for people who do not have a lot of time and who need to warm things in the shortest amount of time.

Task Specific

Microwaves are mostly useful for warming food that is ready to eat. They are very efficient in this task so if this is your main use then it would make sense to choose a microwave.

Easier to Clean

Microwaves come with a removable glass dish at the bottom. This can easily be taken out and washed.

Halogen Vs Microwave Oven – Cost

There are two things to consider in terms of cost – purchase cost and running cost. The running cost for both ovens will be fairly similar, both are very energy efficient. The purchase cost of a budget halogen oven is considerably less compared to a microwave.

Halogen Vs Microwave Oven – Speed

Both ovens are very fast and efficient and heating and cooking. However, a microwave is slightly faster at warming and cooking food.

Halogen Vs Microwave Oven – Food Taste

A big difference comes with the food taste. A halogen oven is much closer related to the traditional oven so it is able to get that oven roast effect. In comparison, microwaves fall short here. There are however special microwave meals that turn out great.

Halogen Vs Microwave Oven – Health

The health implications are a bit controversial. Many people prefer halogen ovens because they believe that microwaves cause harmful radiation and destroy all the nutrients in food.

According to Healthline, this is not the case, they state that nutrients are not destroyed any more compared to other methods and that the radiation is not harmful.

What Are The Dangers Of Halogen Ovens

Although halogen ovens are generally considered to be very safe, there are a few dangers involved. Firstly, there is still radiation involved so that could cause health problems.

Secondly, with this heating method, there are food contamination risks. Lastly, there are the dangers of burning yourself with the machine or shocking by an electrical cable that is damaged.

What Are The Dangers Of Microwaves

Microwaves pose very similar dangers when compared to a halogen oven. Microwaves also work with radiation so the health risks involved are also present as well as the potential for food contamination.

Lastly, there is also the risk of an electrical shock if a cable is damaged.

Halogen Oven Vs Air Fryer

These machines are similar, they both have a heating element and heat is then distributed. The difference is the type of heating, halogen uses infrared and air fryers use a convection element.

For more details take a look at Check Appliance or take a look at this video comparison.

Halogen Oven Vs Electric Oven

Halogen ovens attain a very similar cooking result as traditional electric ovens. They work very differently though because halogen ovens work with infrared light and electric ovens work with an element that heats up.

Microwave Vs Convection Oven

Microwaves are great at reheating food at a fast speed by using radiation. Convection ovens on the other hand are similar to traditional ovens, they take more time but deliver a better result and a better cooking experience.

Microwave Vs Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens work with infrared radiation that is generated by coils with an electrical current running through them. This method can get food a lot crispier which microwaves cannot do.

Best Halogen Oven

Nutrichef PKAIRFR48.5 Air Fryer, Infrared Convection, Halogen Oven Countertop

A very popular halogen oven with many happy users and overwhelmingly positive feedback. This appliance functions as a halogen oven, an air fryer, and an infrared convection oven.


  • Affordable price
  • Healthy cooking methods
  • Very versatile


  • The over is fairly compact so it does not offer a lot of space.

Selling Points

  • Able to defrost, broil, steam, bake, roast, grill, and BBQ.
  • Very easy to use – insert food, set the timer, and enjoy.
  • A compact appliance that takes minimal space on the countertop.

Overall Score: 95/100

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Best Microwave Oven

BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven

Black+Decker is one of the most trusted brands on the market so you cannot go wrong with their microwave. It comes with all the features that you can expect from a microwave, and more!


  • The price is affordable (but still more expensive compared to the halogen oven)
  • Big LED display that is easy to read
  • Comes with pre-programmed buttons for popcorn, potato, frozen vegetables etc.


  • As with all microwaves, they have limited use.

Selling Points

  • Manufactured by a highly trusted brand
  • The design is very elegant so it will be an addition to your kitchen space.
  • This model is very highly rated with over 15,000 customer reviews.

Overall Score: 90/100

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What can go wrong with a halogen oven?

The most common problem is the infrared bulb that blows, but it can be easily replaced. There can also be other general electrical problems like with any appliance.

Q: Can I cook directly in the bowl of a halogen oven?

It is advised to cook directly in the bowl of a halogen oven. If you want to keep it clean, you can also use baking paper to stop the food from sticking.

Q: Can you cook everything in a halogen oven?

You cannot cook everything in a halogen oven, but out of all the appliances, you can probably cook the most things in a halogen oven.

Q: Does a halogen oven cook quicker than a fan oven?

It will depend on the specific type of oven. Halogen ovens can also have fans in them, but in general, they are very quiet.

Q: Can you reheat food in a halogen oven?

Reheating food in a halogen oven works very well. It is not as quick as a microwave, but it gives food a fresh crunch so it works especially well for things like pizza.

Q: Can you use foil in a halogen oven?

There is no problem with using foil in a halogen oven. It is microwaving that is very dangerous with metal.

Q: Can you cook frozen food in a halogen oven?

Frozen food cooks very well in a halogen oven. There is no need to thaw frozen food before cooking them.

Q: Do halogen ovens use a lot of electricity?

No, halogen ovens do not use a lot of electricity at all. They use a similar amount of electricity as microwaves. Compared to a traditional oven, they use much less.

Q: What are the 5 rules for using a microwave oven?

According to the FDA, they are: to follow instructions, use microwave-safe containers, avoid super-heated water, check for leakage, and don’t use ovens that work when the door is open.

Q: What are 3 tips for microwave safety?

  1. Check in on the food often
  2. Use a container that is safe for microwave use
  3. Do not use any foil or metal

Q: What are the common problems of a microwave oven?

Microwaves run smoothly when they are new and when they are well-maintained. Otherwise, a number of common problems can show up like a burning smell, long heating times, the machine heating up, noisy operation, etc.

Q: What are the 3 things microwave ovens can be used for?

  1. To reheat food
  2. To cook certain food that has been made for microwave cooking
  3. To warm liquids like milk or water

Q: How do you maintain a microwave oven?

To maintain a microwave make sure that you clean it regularly. Do not put anything inside the microwave that might damage it. Also, have it in a place where it will not get damaged.

Q: How do clean a microwave?

To clean a microwave, remove the glass plate at the bottom and give it a good wash. While that dries, wipe out all the sides of the microwave with a wet cloth. You can also use some microwave cleaner to clean the inside.


Choosing between a halogen oven and a microwave oven is not the easiest thing to do. They both come with convincing benefits and a few downsides. Hopefully, this article has helped you decide which one of these is the better option for you.

We would say that the halogen oven is the better option due to its cheaper price, better cooking quality, and versatility.

If you require any further information or advice, feel free to follow any of the links we provided, contact us directly, or visit your local kitchen appliance store to consult with a local expert.