Husqvarna 525bx Review – Is It A Good Leaf Blower?

Husqvarna 525bx

When it comes to gardening equipment, Husqvarna has certainly earned a place among the best manufacturers in the world.

Perhaps the best endorsement we can come up with is that many commercial gardeners, land managers and groundskeepers use Husqvarna equipment.

But how well-suited are they for everyday, residential use? This is what we wanted to find out. So we went out and tested the Husqvarna 525BX leaf blower. Right off the bat, we were very impressed with it.

Overall, we feel that it would fit right in for residential use. But that doesn;t necessarily mean it would be the best choice for your property. Join us as we pore over the details of the Husqvarna 525BX leaf blower.

Husqvarna 525BX Leaf Blower Overview

“The Husqvarna 525BX leaf blower has a max CFM rating of 493 and a max air speed rating of 192 MPH. This makes it powerful enough for most residential settings. This is a handheld, gas-powered leaf blower that isn’t as heavy as you may think.”

Husqvarna 525BX First Impressions

Husqvarna 525bx1

The weight kind of threw us off at the beginning.

We knew that the Husqvarna 525BX leaf blower had a 15 ounce fuel tank. So when we filled it up and started running it, we were expecting this handheld leaf blower to be heavy.

That wasn’t the case though. We were very pleasantly surprised to feel that even on a full tank of gas, the Husqvarna 525BX was very lightweight.

Without a full tank, the Husqvarna 525BX leaf blower only weighs 9.4 pounds so it’s very easy on your arm, elbow and shoulder.

Husqvarna 525BX Leaf Blower Key Features

  • Air Purge – The air purge feature is an easy way to get air out of the carburetor line so that it’s much easier to start up cold.
  • Cruise Control – The Husqvarna 525BX leaf blower can be set at a specific power level so you don’t have to keep your finger on the trigger.
  • Adjustable Tube Length – You can make the tube longer so you don’t have to stoop down to get the nozzle down to ground level or make it shorter.
  • 14 HO Engine – The Husqvarna 525BX features a 1.14 horsepower engine that is capable of generating 7,300 RPMs in the fan.
  • Alternate Nozzles – The Husqvarna 525BX also comes with a concentrator nozzle cover that increases blowing power and a broad nozzle that is helpful for clearing large areas.

How Does it Perform

We were very pleased with the blowing power of this leaf blower.

However, users should keep in mind that this is a 2-stroke engine leaf blower which means you will have to mix a fuel/oil ratio of 50:1 to keep the engine properly lubricated.

That being said, we really liked the variable speed settings of this blower. It makes it very easy to dial in just the right amount of air speed.

The cruise control feature also makes it easy to tackle longer clearing jobs.

And if you have a gravel landscape, the Husqvarna 525BX leaf blower performs very well. On the lower setting, you can gently get leaves off of your graveled landscape without displacing any of the pebbles.

The Husqvarna 525BX also performs very well on damp concrete where leaves are likely to get stubbornly stuck. It has enough power to displace damp leaves very easily.

How Loud is it?

The Husqvarna 525BX leaf blower has an operative rating of 91 decibels so it is pretty average for a gas-powered, 25.4cc engine leaf blower.

How Heavy is it?

The Husqvarna 525BX leaf blower weighs 9.4 pounds without a full tank of gas.

Is it Easy to Handle & Maneuver?

Yes. This is one of the things we were very impressed with given the capacity of the 25.4cc motor. The Husqvarna 525BX doesn’t vibrate like crazy – especially on the lower power settings.

It’s lightweight and the adjustable tube length makes it comfortable for tall, short and average height operators.

Power Assessment

The Husqvarna 525BX has a 25.4cc engine that is capable of generating 459 CFM to the tube. With the concentrated tube nozzle, the Husqvarna 525BX also generates air speeds of 192 MPH.

The fan can rotate at 7,300 RPMs max.

What Size Job Does it Suit?

The Husqvarna 525BX leaf blower would work great on properties that are 1 acre and smaller.

How Efficient is it?

The Husqvarna 525BX was reasonably fuel-efficient. It surely wasn’t the most efficient model we have ever tested; but we can understand this slight flaw in light of how powerful this leaf blower actually is.

How Durable is it?

This is one of the things we really liked about the Husqvarna 525BX. It just feels like it will last for many years. It is built well and none of the constituent parts feel cheap.

However, it does stay pretty hot after you turn it off which could be an issue.

With proper maintenance, we can see the Husqvarna 525BX leaf blower lasting for at least 8 years.

Husqvarna 525BX Pros

  • It performs well on gravel
  • It’s easy to start up
  • Good price
  • Durable build
  • Great for large and small properties

Husqvarna 525BX Cons

  • Doesn’t cool down very well
  • Not the most fuel-efficient
  • It isn’t the easiest to store

Overall Score: 97/100

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Husqvarna 525BX Vs Husqvarna 125B

The Husqvarna 125B leaf blower would only be suitable for very small clearing jobs. It is overall underpowered and doesn’t have the same utility as the Husqvarna 525BX leaf blower.

Echo PB 2620 Vs Husqvarna 525BX

The Echo PB-2620 is also a 25.4cc leaf blower so the power and capacity is similar to that of the Husqvarna 525BX. It’s also very lightweight but we did have some trouble starting it compared to the Husqvarna 525BX.

Stihl BG86 Vs Husqvarna 525BX

The Stihl BG86 leaf blower actually runs a bit quieter than the Husqvarna 525BX. The air output is almost identical but it does have a slightly smaller fuel tank than the Husqvarna 525BX.

Other Leaf Blowers to Consider

Echo PB 2520

Echo PB 2520

The Echo PB-2520 is a 25.4 cc engine leaf blower with double grid intake. It has a large fuel tank (18 ounces) so it can run for a long time.

It is also very lightweight and offers similar power to the Husqvarna 525BX leaf blower.


  • 453 nozzle air volume
  • Carburetor purge system


  • It’s pricey

Stihl BR 350

Stihl BR 350

The Stihl BR 350 is a gas-powered backpack leaf blower. So right off the bat, it would be better-suited for commercial use or for larger properties.

It has a 57 ounce fuel tank and produces a max air velocity of 201 mph. It also features an impressive 63cc engine.


  • Very powerful
  • Vibration is lept to a minimal


  • Very loud

Final Assessment

Husqvarna 525bx2

The Husqvarna 525BX leaf blower would be useful for many residential homes.

It may be underpowered for commercial use though. In our testing, we had no issues apart from the fact that the engine doesn’t seem to cool off very well.

But if you are looking for ample power for your mid-large size residence, the Husqvarna 525BX would be a great fit for you.