Is Toro A Good Brand – Are Their Products Worth Buying?

If you tend to  your own lawn, then you probably already know Toro products. Toro is one of the oldest and most established manufacturers of outdoor equipment in the United States. They make a wide variety of products such as snow blowers, lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

But can a company with such a diverse repertoire really pump out quality machines? Does the fact that Toro makes so many different kinds of equipment affect the quality of their manufacturing?

The fact that Toro has been around for so long is a good sign but we wanted to see if their products were really worthwhile for the everyday consumer. So let’s take a look at the brand and some of their most popular products to find out.

The Toro Company: A Brief History


The Toro brand dates back all the way to 1914. Back then, they were known as the Toro Motor Company and they specialized in producing tractor engines. The company grew and they started acquiring other manufacturing companies.

Today, they produce a wide array of professional and consumer-level outdoor maintenance products such as lawn mowers and snow blowers. In 2014, the company celebrated its 100th anniversary.

The company supplies equipment for municipal facilities, golf courses and professional sports facilities. They also distribute their consumer-level equipment through retail stores throughout  the country.

Who Makes Toro Products?


In the 100+ years that Toro has been around, they have actually acquired a lot of other companies. Today, Toro products are marketed under brand names such as Boss, American Augers, Ditch Witch, Exmark, Trencor, Hayter, Pope, Lawn-Boy, Unique Lighting Systems and Subsite Electronics.

Where Are Toro Products Made?


While the company itself is based in Bloomington, Minnesota, much of their equipment is manufactured in Japan. Toro has plants in Wisconsin, Florida and other American cities but for the most part, these plants handle the assembly of Toro products. Most of the actual manufacturing takes place in Japan.

Is Toro A Reliable Brand?

There is a reason the Toro company has been around for over 100 years. They are known as one of the most reliable manufacturers of outdoor equipment in the United States. Their tools and equipment can be found in the most prestigious sports facilities in the country and abroad.

Toro is the supplier for grounds maintenance equipment for golf courses around the world as well including Carnoustie Golf Links, St. Andrews Links, Château de Versailles and Torrey Pines. Their consumer-level products are sold by some of the most reputable retailers in the country as well – all very loud endorsements of the company’s reliability.

What Products Does Toro Make?


Toro produces a wide variety of consumer and professional-grade outdoor equipment including but not limited to:

  • Snow blowers
  • Lawnmowers
  • Leaf blowers
  • Weed eaters
  • Irrigation system supplies
  • Seeders
  • Valves
  • Trenchers
  • Utility vehicles
  • Tree care equipment


Is Toro A Good Brand of Lawn Mower?


Toro is known for their lawn mowers. This was one of the first kinds of products the company made. Toro lawn mowers are produced for both professional and residential use.

The Best Residential Toro Lawn Mower – Toro 60V Flex-Force Power System™ 21852


Quick Facts:

  • Electric lawn mower
  • 20” cutting width
  • Steel deck

For average sized lawns, the Toro 60V Flex-Force Power System™ 21852 is a great lawn mower that’s easy to push but still built ruggedly. This would be a great choice if you don’t like having to keep a supply of gasoline handy because this is a cordless electric lawn mower.

It has a 60V brushless motor and can be fitted with a 70 liter bag. This is a side discharge mower that can also function as a mulcher. The cutting height varies from 32 to 95 millimeters and it handles hearty grass very well. You can easily cut a 2500 square foot yard on one charge of the battery.

The battery does take over two hours to charge; but that shouldn’t be an issue as long as you plan ahead. The 159cc engine is tough enough to tackle native grasses as well. The blades can get dull fairly quickly but  they are easy to replace. Overall this electric mower rivals the power and capability of gas mowers of comparable size.


  • Lightweight
  • Very easy to start (electric start)
  • 50-minute runtime


  • The battery takes a long time to charge

Overall Score: 95/100

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Is Toro A Good Brand of Snow Blower?


Toro has been in the snow blowing business for a very long time. They make a wide variety of snow blowers for tax funded municipal facilities and professional sports arenas. But they also make some of the most dependable residential snow blowers.

The Best Residential Toro Snow Blower – Toro 21″ Power Clear® 721 R Snow Blower 38752

Quick Facts:

  • 21” clearing width
  • 35’ throwing distance
  • 4-cycle

This is a very impressive snow blower. While it is relatively compact, it is incredibly powerful. The auger and impeller work incredibly well together so even densely-packed, hard snow is no match for this blower.

You can easily control the direction of the chute from the handles and the rubber-tipped augers are safe to use on pool decks and wooden decks. The handles fold all the way down so it doesn’t take up very much storage room.

The Toro 21″ Power Clear® 721 R Snow Blower 38752 features a 212cc engine so it has power enough for 3-car garage driveways. This would be a great choice if you regularly deal with hard, wet snow. This is also a self-propelled snow blower so it is very easy on the body even if you are clearing a foot of snow.


  • Powers through hard snow
  • Easy to operate
  • Folds down to a compact size


  • A bit heavy (84lbs)

Overall Score: 96/100

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Is Toro A Good Brand for Zero Turn Mowers?


One of the clearest indications of Toro zero turn mower quality is the fact that they are often used to manicure the turf of professional sports arenas. If you have a large property to maintain, you would do very well with a Toro zero turn lawn mower.

Best Residential Toro Zero Turn Lawn Mower – Toro 42″ TimeCutter® Zero Turn Mower 75744

Quick Facts:

  • 42” cutting deck
  • Toolless belt cover
  • 7 MPH max mowing speed

The Toro 42″ TimeCutter® Zero Turn Mower 75744 features a 22.5 HP engine and a 42 inch cutting deck so it’s ready for 2.5+ acre properties. It has a max forward mowing speed of 7 MPH and 3 MPH in reverse.

It also features a hydrostatic transmission so it transitions between speeds very smoothly. The Toro 42″ TimeCutter® Zero Turn Mower 75744 has dual wrap-around levers which are very easy to manage even if you’ve never used a riding mower before.

You can control the height of the cutting deck between 1.5 and 4.5 inches very easily with the foot pedal. The backrest of the seat is a little low (16”) but other than that, it offers a very comfortable ride.


  • Easy to control
  • 708cc engine
  • Very durable deck


  • Slow towing speeds

Overall Score: 95/100

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Is Toro A Good Brand of Weed Eater?


Weed eaters are something that Toro isn’t exactly known for; but they still produce a couple good ones – especially at the consumer level.

The Best Residential Toro Weed Eater – Toro 18″ Solid Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer (51998)

Quick Facts:

  • 4cc engine
  • Full crank
  • 60” shaft

The Toro 18″ Solid Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer (51998) has an 18” cutting width so it would be good for anyone with lawns and yards 2400 square feet and under. It weighs only 12.5 pounds so it’s easy on the body and manageable for just about anybody.

It can take a 2mm line and cuts very efficiently. You can even do some precise edging work with this trimmer. It features dual line bump feed so it’s easy to replace the line when needed.


  • Forged steel crankshaft
  • Doesn’t vibrate much
  • Easy to handle


  • Not great for larger properties

Overall Score: 94/100

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Is Toro A Good Brand for Leaf Blowers?


Toro is a very popular brand for leaf blowers. They make a wide variety including all-in-one blowers. Their leaf blowers are known to last a long time and to be very user-friendly.

The Best Residential Toro Leaf Blower – Toro Ultra Leaf Blower Vac (51619)

Quick Facts:

  • Electric (corded) leaf blower
  • 405 CFM in vacuum mode
  • Variable air speed control


The Ultra Leaf Blower Vac (51619) is a multi-purpose machine: it can blow leaves, mulch and vacuum. As a blower, the Ultra Leaf Blower Vac (51619) can move lawn debris at 340 CFM and produce air speeds up to 260 MPH.

It weighs 8.5 pounds so it’s easy on your arm and shoulder. You can also control the air speed with the trigger. The metal impeller makes short work of chunky lawn debris and it’s fairly easy to switch modes without tools. The Ultra Leaf Blower Vac (51619) comes with a mulching bag and tube attachments for a more concentrated jet of air.


  • Cord lock system
  • Unlimited runtime
  • Good for residential use


  • Struggles with wet leaves (doesn’t have a scraper)

Overall Score: 93/100

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Toro FAQs

Q: Is Toro Better Than Husqvarna?

Husqvarna is known for making rugged, commercial-grade outdoor equipment. While it’s not a better brand than Toro per se, it is the better choice if you need to outfit a crew with equipment or need equipment for commercial work.

Q: Are Toro products made in the USA?

They are assembled in the various US plants but manufactured mostly in Japan.

Q: Is Toro the same as Honda?

Some self-propelled mowers use engines built by Honda but the two companies are separate.

Q: Does Toro use Honda engines?

Yes. Certain models of self-propelled Toro lawn mowers use Honda engines.

Q: Are Toro engines reliable?

Yes. Toro engines are known to be very reliable because they only use ones that are produced by Honda, Briggs & Stratton or Loncin – three of the most well-known and reputable engine manufacturers in the world.

Q: What engines are in Toro mowers?

Toro lawn mowers will have either a Honda, Loncin or Briggs & Stratton engines in them.

Q: How long does a Toro lawn mower last?

While much will depend on how you use it and how you maintain it, you can expect a Toro riding mower to last between 15 and 25 years.

Q: Who makes the best lawn mower engine?

Many different lawn mower manufacturing companies, like Toro, use Briggs & Stratton engines. Briggs & Stratton and Honda are some of the most reliable and efficient lawn mower engines in the industry.

Q: What is the most reliable lawn mower?

If you are looking for a reliable lawn mower, Toro mowers are known to last a long time and perform as needed. Other lawn mower companies known for reliability are John Deere and Husqvarna.

Q: What’s the best lawn mower to buy right now?

Toro and Husqvarna make some of the best lawn mowers for both residential and commercial use.

Q: Is Toro better than Craftsman?

Craftsman makes a lot of tools while Toro focuses more on outdoor maintenance equipment. If you are looking for a lawn mower or a snow blower, Toro would be the better brand.

Final Assessment

There are definitely a handful of Toro machines that are worth your money. One of the things we like the most about this brand is that their products tend to last a long time with only normal maintenance.

While you should still be selective with which Toro products you buy, you will generally not be disappointed. And that’s why we included a short list of notable Toro products. Be sure to check them out if you are in the market for a weed eater, snow blower, lawn mower or zero turn mower.

Many Toro products come with comprehensive  manufacturer warranties too. Overall, Toro is a great brand to choose if you need residential outdoor maintenance equipment.