Moki Doorstep Net Worth 2022

We all have challenges and sometimes we allow these challenges and limitations to define us, but I think it’s the way that we deal with these challenges that are actually the defining factors in our lives.

This is apparent in the story of how Zach and Alyssa Brown came up with a very clever tool that could enable Alyssa to reach the roof rack of their SUV in spite of the fact that she is short.

Their innovative idea allowed her to access sporting equipment that was tied to the roof of their car and being into adventure sports this was really important for her.

Who or What is Moki Doorstep?

Moki Doorstep is a company started by Zach and Alyssa that manufactures and sells an innovative gadget, the Moki Doorstep.

The Moki Doorstep attaches to the metal hook that the door of your vehicle closes onto, providing a robust and anti-slip surface big enough for both your feet, to step on to reach the roof even in heels as demonstrated by Lori Greiner during Moki Doorstep’s appearance on the Shark Tank.

So if you are a little shorter than the average person, with the Moki Doorstep even you can secure equipment such as kayaks and other bulky items, to the roof of your car.

What is Moki Doorstep’s Net Worth in 2022 After Their Shark-Tank Appearance?

According to this post by Insider Growth Moki Doorstep’s stats are as follows:

Moki Doorstep Shark Tank Appearance

Season 10 Episode 9

Business Type

Gadget For Vehicles to Help Reach the Roof


Daymond John

Offer Accepted on Shark Tank

To Sell for 3 million USD


Daymonsd John

Current Status

In Business

Current Net Worth 2022

$5 million *Estimated

What Happened to Moki Doorstep After Shark Tank?

The Moki Doorstep is selling really well and has helped thousands of people to reach the roof of their car to clear snow, give it a good clean, and of course to load and off-load sports equipment, luggage, and even bulky items such as furniture and Christmas trees.

I checked out this video review by Wanderer001 and it seems that the Moki Doorstep had one little glitch which has been resolved.

The Phillips screws used to secure the rubber onto the part of the doorstep that touches the body of the vehicle damaged the paintwork.

The Moki Doorstep has since been modified and has nothing on the back that could scrape your car.

Where is Moki Doorstep Today?

Moki Doorstep is a great success and according to their website they also sell a non-skid roof pad and three different models of rooftop carriers for the safe and secure transportation of goods.


When I see or hear about inventions like this I have to ask myself, “why couldn’t I think of something like that”, and, “such a simple idea… but it works so incredibly well”…

So if you find that you struggle to get to your snowboard or kayak when it’s on top of your vehicle, get hold of one of these smart little platforms and, as the Moki-Doorstep slogan goes, “Step up to your next adventure”.