Ta-Ta Towels Net Worth 2022

So when I first had a look at who (and what) Ta-Ta Towels are I had to smile and forcibly stop myself from letting out a great big, “Whoop”.

Finally I had come across a brand that is not for, or promoting, skinny reed-like model bodies, that is made for girls like me and most of the women out there, and according to their sparkling reviews actually have fantastic products.

My initial impression of the company actually made me sit a little prouder and want to continue reading…

Who Are Ta-Ta Towels and Where Have They Come From?

Ta-Ta Towels was founded by Erin Robertson and her idea was actually born when she was trying to find a way to solve her “bust perspiration” dilemma.

She came up with the idea, designed the Ta-Ta Towel, learned to sew them herself, and had them patented. As she says during her pitch on Shark Tank, she’s “in the business of keeping boobs high and dry”.

What is Ta-Ta Towels’ Net Worth in 2022 After Their Shark-Tank Appearance?

According to this post by Insider Growth Ta-Ta Towels’ stats are as follows:

Ta-Ta Towels Shark Tank Appearance

Season 10 Episode 2

Business Type

Personal Garment to Alleviate Bust Perspiration


Erin Robertson

Offer Accepted on Shark Tank

200 000 for a 40% stake


Lori Greiner

Current Status

In Business

Current Net Worth 2022

1.5 Million *Estimated

What Put Ta-Ta Towels on the Map?

Erin says that she gave Ta Ta Towels to her friends to get a feel for how they work and the response was very positive – some even claiming that the Ta-Ta Towel cleared up persistent skin irritations from sweat.

According to the Ta-Ta Towels online shop she has consequently added two more products to her offering: The Toob Top and The Mane-Tamer; all in delightful feminine colors.

What’s Happening With Ta-Ta Towels Today?

During her appearance on Shark Tank, Erin said that her sales for the previous 12 month period had been around 1.1 million and that their forecasted sales for the current 12 month period is a whopping 2 million.

Not bad for a startup company that was run from her living room and is now manufacturing Ta-Ta Towels products in an eco-friendly factory where woman are making these products for women as a form of empowerment.

With Shark Lori Greiner’s 200 000 investment and her corporate army Ta-Ta Towels can only go from strength to strength.


Erin has certain fought to protect her patent and find an honest and dedicated investor.

Her hard work, dedication, and tenacity have helped her to turn her dream into a reality and now women all over the world, just like you and I, are able to walk around feeling cooler and more comfortable.

Check them out and try this product for yourself – I certainly am… I think a Ta-Ta Towel is exactly what I’m going to need for my very hot, humid, and sticky trip to Thailand.