Vabroom Net Worth 2022

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the dust, dirt and grime that lifts into the air while you’re frantically sweeping messes and spills into a dust pan?

And, incidentally how much of that do you think you could you be breathing in while you’re bending over and holding the dustpan with your one hand and sweeping with the other?

Now, imagine an innovation that allows for quick cleaning without having to deal with all that grime getting up your nose, by simply sweeping it up and then by applying just a little pressure activating a nifty little vacuum. If you read on you’ll see that it really is as simple as it sounds.

Who or What is Vabroom?

Vabroom was started by Trevor Lambert and John Vadnais who cleverly started a design firm as well as their manufacturing company.

As shown in this video review of their Shark tank appearance, by Joe Pardo, it’s a lightweight broom with super long but strong bristles that sweep up small spills easily. It also has an aperture on the side for vacuuming that is activated by applying pressure.

As demonstrated by Shark Kevin O’Leary himself, once your mess is swept into a pile just turn the broom onto its side push the vacuum opening down and it sucks up all the dirt in seconds. Basically it’s a vacuum and a broom hence the name “Vabroom”.

What is Vabroom Net Worth in 2022 After Their Shark-Tank Appearance?

With Trevor and John both having a history of coming up with and licensing prototypes it’s no wonder that when they put their heads together that such a unique and practical idea was born.

At the time of their pitch to the Sharks they had made 3.1 mil in sales in the previous 12 month period and were expecting to bring that up to 5 mil in the following 12 month period.

They had been rely solely on selling directly to customers but had recently started supplying to bed bath and beyond. According to this post on Insider Growth, Vabroom’s current net worth is around 5 million USD.

Shark Tank Appearance

Episone 11 Season 13

Business Type

Home Cleaning Equipment


Trevor Lambert& John Vadnais

Offer Accepted on Shark Tank

350 000 USD for a  3 USD Royalty Until 700 000 USD Is Recouped and 2.5% of the Design Firm


Kevin O’Leary

Current Status

In Business and Going From Strength to Strength.

Current Net Worth 2022

5 Mil USD *Estimation


What Happened to Vabroom After Shark Tank?

According to their website their current innovation comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, a high-speed charging cable, a 3-piece sturdy handle, and a warranty.

So you cannot go wrong with a Vabroom. This startup is going from strength to strength with Kevin O’Leary’s support and assistance and I am sure that their collaboration will produce many interesting and innovative tools and kits so let’s watch this space.


A Vabroom is an especially great idea for you if your vacuum cleaner is just too bulky or you don’t feel like having the hassle of plugging it in and then navigating it through your home for a simple little spill.

If you are in the unfortunate position of having mobility issues whether permanent or temporary, a more convenient way of cleaning up just makes sense. I think I’m going to try one of these gadgets myself and maybe I won’t sneeze so much when I’m cleaning.

As the Vabroom slogan goes “cut the cord and eliminate dust pans for good” by getting one for yourself.