Nikwax Vs Fabsil – What’s the Better Option?

It’s hard to tell which outdoor fabric protector works just by looking at them. Still, protecting your gear and your outdoor apparel is essential.

That’s why we are taking a close look at two outdoor waterproofing treatment brands: Nikwax and Fabsil. Both of these brands make a wide variety of products that may be of use to you when you are camping, hiking, biking or just outdoors in general.

What Are Fabsil and Nikwax?

What is Fabsil?

Fabsil is a company that was established in 1963. Since then, they have made specialized products for campers and outdoors enthusiasts. Today, they make products for cleaning and waterproofing outdoor gear.

What is Nikwax?

Nikwax is also a brand that focuses on outdoor gear protection. It started in 1977 and today, uses an advanced polymer blend that bonds to fabric but leaves spaces to preserve breathability.


If you are looking for reliable waterproofing, both of these brands will deliver. Still, they differ in application and longevity.

How to Use & What They Do

Both Fabsil and Nikwax make “paint-on” and spray-on products. They also both make products for tents, leather boots, cotton apparel and waterproofing.

However, Nikwax makes a variety of specialized cleansers for rugs, down clothing and wool.

Key Differences

The most obvious difference between these two brands is that in their time, Nikwax has expanded their product line to include specialty cleansers and protectors. Fabsil still focuses mainly on tents and outdoor gear.

Summary of Key Differences



Ease of Use

Spray and paint-on products

Spray and paint-on products

What to Use for

Technical gear, leather boots, down gear, deodorizing, tents, wool, outdoor apparel, rugs

Tents, leather boots, awnings, outdoor apparel


A bit pricier

Tends to be a bit more affordable than Nikwax

Top 3 Fabsil Product Reviews

Take a look at our following overview of the three most useful Fabsil products

  1. Fabsil Universal Protector a spray-on water repellent that can be used on anything from clothes to outdoor furniture
  2. Fabsil Waxed Cotton Proofer for protecting and waterproofing specialized waxed cotton apparel
  3. Fabsil Seam Sealer helps repair tears and rips in tents, tarps and outdoor apparel

First Impression

We were very impressed with how handy the Seam Sealer is. It’s a must for anyone who hikes or goes camping often.

Quick Facts

  • Can be used on cars
  • Includes paint-on products for larger items
  • Made for specialized materials

Selling Points

The selling point that stood out the most to us is that Fabsil makes products for waxed cotton clothing and ones for repairing tears in tents and other outdoor gear.

Who Should Buy

It’s clear that Fabsil products are made for serious outdoorsmen. But people who simply want to repair or protect their outdoor furniture could also find use for Fabsil products.

Overall Score: 96/100

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Top 3 Nikwax Product Reviews

Nikwax has a more extensive line of products. Here are three of the best ones.

  1. Nikwax Conditioner for Leather helps protect and soften full grain leather footwear.
  2. Nikwax Cotton Proof can be used to waterproof cotton, canvas and polycotton fabrics.
  3. Nikwax TX Direct Wash In adds a protective polymer layer to your clothing and can be added to your laundry.

First Impression

We were very impressed with the sheer array of products that Nikwax produces. From wash-in waterproofers to rain repellents for goggles, they seem to have it all.

Quick Facts

  • Can be used on Gore-Tex
  • Spray and wash-in products
  • PFC-free

Selling Points

All of Nikwax’s products are made without the use of PFC’s which can negatively impact the environment.

Who Should Buy

Nikwax products are great for anyone looking for complete waterproofing protection, UV protection and leather conditioning solutions.

Overall Score: 97/100

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Which One Offers Better Overall Protection?

We like the fact that Fabsil makes a product that can actually mend tears in tents, tarps and even clothing. However, for overall protection, Nikwax makes a much more comprehensive line of products.

Who Should Buy Which Brand?

Nikwax and Fabsil are both really great brands for anyone who loves camping, hiking and water activities. Their products are also good for protecting outdoor fabric from UV damage.


Q: How long will Nikwax last?

Clothes treated with Nikwax will last for four to six washes after application.

Q: How often should you apply Nikwax?

After every 4-6 washes or as needed.

Q: What is the Difference between Nikwax Cotton Proof and Nikwax TX Direct Wash?

These are both wash-in liquid treatments designed to replace detergent but one is meant specifically for cotton garments while TX Direct Wash is meant for outdoor gear.

Q: Should I use Nikwax for Gore-Tex?

Yes, many Nikwax products can be used on Gore-Tex gear.

Q: How do I make Gore-Tex waterproof again??

You can use Nikwax, Fabsil or similar products.

Q: Can I use Nikwax on Gore-Tex boots?

Yes. In fact, Nikwax Conditioner for Leather was made for Gore-Tex boots.

Q: Is Gore-Tex safe for the washing machine?

You should avoid using fabric softener and bleach when you wash Gore-tex in the washing machine.

Q: How do you use Fabsil Universal Protector?

It is recommended that you clean the fabric first and then spray Fabsil Universal Protector directly onto the fabric from about 10-15 cm away. Wipe off any excess liquid and allow it to thoroughly dry.

Q: Can I Use Fabsil Universal Protector on down?

The description for Fabsil Universal Protector does not mention down clothing.

Three Other Fabric Protectors to Consider

  1. Soft Clad fabric Protector Spray for indoor  and leather use – Overall Score: 93/100
  2. Rust-Oleum Shield H2O for outdoor furniture – Overall Score: 94/100
  3. Revivex Durable Water Repellent Spray for all outdoor clothing – Overall Score: 95/100

Overall Conclusion

In our opinion, it would be a great idea to keep a tube of Fabsil Seam Sealer handy at all times. However, for all other fabric protection needs, Nikwax just has more to offer.

While the products of both brands perform comparably in terms of water protection; Nikwax has a product for all your specialty gear including tents, down jackets, gloves, goggles and even waxed cotton.