Pros And Cons Of Infrared Gas Stoves  – Are They Worth Buying?

Infrared gas

These days, everyone is looking to save money on utilities.

With rising costs on seemingly everything, people are turning to their kitchen appliances for savings. And many people don’t know about infrared gas stoves.

It sounds fancy and in reality, it is a rather modern method of cooking. Many people also claim that infrared gas stoves are more energy efficient than traditional gas stoves. But is that really the case?

Is an infrared gas stove the solution to your money-saving conundrum? And even if it is, will it make things harder to easier for you in the kitchen? These are the kinds of questions we will be answering for you in the following article.

There is a lot to know about these kinds of ovens so if you are considering buying one, be sure you read this article to the end!

Overview of Infrared Gas Stoves

“As the name implies, infrared gas stoves use infrared radiation in order to heat up cookware. Much like induction cooktops, infrared gas stoves use direct heat transfer that is localized in the cookware itself. It is often regarded as an energy-efficient way of cooking.”

How Do Infrared Gas Stoves Work?

Infrared gas1

An infrared gas stove is really rather interesting because it incorporates elements of a traditional gas stove with more modern technology seen in induction cooktops.

With an infrared gas stove, gas is actually burned but the flames are not used to heat up cookware directly.

Instead, the flame that  is produced is focused onto a ceramic surface or tile that has microscopic holes perforated into it. The ceramic then transfers the heat as infrared energy to the cookware. So there is no open flame with an infrared gas stove.

However, you can feel the heat from an infrared gas cooktop. The infrared energy produces longer wavelengths that cannot be seen by the eye like an open flame can. But you can still feel the heat radiating from the cooktop.

So instead of direct contact with a flame, infrared gas cooktops use electromagnetic waves generated by infrared energy.

What Are the Different Types of Cookers?

You have different options when it comes to the kind of cooktop you can have in your kitchen.

The most common type is a traditional gas stove which burns natural gas to generate a flame that is used to heat up pots and pans.

Then there are induction cooktops that heat the cookware directly using electromagnetic waves. Then of course, you have infrared gas stoves that use a combination of gas-burning and electromagnetic waves.

What Infrared Gas Stove Features Should You Look for?

In general, you should look for an infrared gas stove that is large enough to meet your needs.

The problem with these kinds of stoves in 2022 is that they are relatively unpopular.

That means you are a bit limited when it comes to size. Many infrared gas stoves are small and don’t have many burners. However, you can get larger models; just be ready to pay more.

Is An Infrared Gas Stove Worth Buying?

Infrared gas2

It depends on what you value more. Compared to an induction cooker, an infrared gas stove will take longer to heat up.

However, if you don’t mind the wait, you will find that infrared gas stoves distribute heat within the cookware more evenly.

So if you value the quality of the dishes you cook, an infrared gas stove may be worth it. And if you already have a full complement of cookware and don’t want to have to replace it, infrared gas stoves may also be up your ally.

That’s because you don’t need special cookware with infrared gas stoves.

Pros of Infrared Gas Stoves

Easy to Clean

– The upper surface of an infrared gas stove is made of smooth, continuous glass. So many people have an easier time cleaning these kinds of stoves than traditional gas stoves.

Elegant Look

– The flat glass surface also lends a more modern and elegant look to most kitchens.

Cleaner Pots and Pans

– If you spent a pretty penny on your cookware, you will appreciate the fact that unlike gas stoves, infrared gas stoves don’t blacken the bottoms of pots and pans.


– Compared to traditional gas stoves, infrared gas stoves give off very little carbon monoxide and nitric oxide, making them safer for the environment.


– Very little gas is wasted in the combustion system of an infrared gas stove. Mainly because the combustion system is completely enclosed as is the flame.


– Since there is no open flame involved, many consider infrared gas stoves safer than gas stoves.

Better Heat Distribution

– Compared to an induction cooker, infrared gas stoves heat up the cookware much more evenly. That’s because induction cooktops essentially concentrate the heat on the bottom of the pots/pans. infrared gas stoves generate broader-reaching electromagnetic waves.

Food that’s Less Dry

– Home cooks have also noted that infrared gas stoves are good for when you want to avoid moisture loss in your food.

Cons of Infrared Gas Stoves

Limited Availability

– Full-sized infrared gas stoves can be very hard to come by as they are not very popular yet.

Limited Cookware

– While you don’t need magnetic cookware on an infrared gas stove, it would still be very difficult to use woks or rounded frying pans. That’s because the heat essentially stays on the infrared element board and may not be able to heat elevated cookware effectively.


– Since the technology is relatively new and availability is limited, these types of stoves can come with a hefty upfront price.

Costly Maintenance

– Since these types of stoves are still relatively rare, you are likely to have a harder time finding a technician who can repair and maintain them. Such technicians are likely to have high rates as well.

Delicate Cooktop

– Infrared gas stoves have a glass upper surface that is prone to scratches and cracks.

They Can Be Underpowered

– One of the most common complaints that home cooks have had about these kinds of stoves is that they don’t produce the immediate, high heat that other stoves do. This is especially true if you opt for a 2-burner infrared gas stove.

Infrared Gas Stoves Vs Induction Cooktops

At a glance, both of these types of stoves look the same.

They both utilize a glass upper surface which is essentially all you see. However, induction cooktops can only heat cookware when the cookware is placed on the burner.

On the other hand, infrared gas stoves will be hot to the touch whether there is cookware on it or not.

Induction cooktops would therefore be good for people with kids and pets while infrared gas stoves would be better for people who prefer even heating.

Pros of Induction Cooktops:

  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Energy-efficient
  • Modern looks

Cons of Induction Cooktops:

  • Needs specific cookware

Infrared Burner Vs Hotplate


A hotplate would be a good choice for anyone who has a small kitchen or likes to go camping a lot.

They are more portable and offer a concentrated stream of heat. They can be gas or electric.

An infrared burner will always be electric and would be better for people who want a more energy-efficient solution.

Pros of Hotplates:

  • Great for small spaces
  • Efficient heating
  • Good for camping and RV’s

Cons of Hotplates:

  • Not great for cooking for more than one person

Infrared Cooker Vs Air Fryer

An air fryer is a great solution for when you want to eat healthier but still love fried foods.

It isn’t a cooktop though. It’s an appliance that you simply plug into the wall. It may have other features too like pressure cooking, toasting and boiling.

An infrared cooker will more or less be a fixed appliance and is likely to be much more expensive than an air fryer.

Pros of An Air Fryer:

● Healthy cooking
● Portable
● Affordable

Cons: of An Air Fryer:

● Limited cooking capacity

Who Should Buy An Infrared Gas Stove?

Infrared gas4

An infrared gas stove would be great for anyone that is looking for a more modern look in their kitchen.

They are also a good choice for anyone who wants a more energy-efficient alternative to gas stoves.

Of course, you should only consider infrared gas stoves if you have the money to keep up with potentially expensive maintenance and repairs.

The Best Infrared Stoves

Techwood Electric Stove – Best for Camping


The Techwood stove features 2 burners and a max of 1800 watts of power. This portable stove can cook up pretty much anything very quickly. It can also be used with any kind of cookware.

Overall Score: 96/100

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Ovente Electric Double Infrared Burner – Best Budget Option

Ovente Electric

 If you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a full-sized infrared stove, consider the Ovente Electric Double Infrared Burner.

It features 2 burners and easy 2-knob controls. It has a stainless steel frame and a crystallite glass top.

Overall Score: 97/100

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Infrared Gas Stove FAQ’s

Is it safe to use an infrared cooktop? – Yes, these types of stoves are generally safe. However, it should be noted that there may be some electromagnetic wave exposure involved in using these kinds of stoves.

What kind of pots can be used on an infrared cooker? – The great thing about these kinds of stoves (especially compared to induction cookers) is that you can use pots and pans made from any kind of material. Just be aware that curved-bottom cookware may not heat up efficiently.

Can we use any utensils on an infrared cooker? – Yes, you can use basically any kind of cooking utensils on an infrared gas stove.

Is an infrared stove better than gas? – In some ways, yes. Infrared gas stoves are much more efficient with gas. They also don’t pose the same kinds of safety risks because there is no open flame.

How efficient is an infrared cooker? – Compared to both a traditional gas stove and an induction cooker, infrared gas cookers are more efficient.

How hot can infrared stoves get? – Most models of infrared gas stove can reach temperatures of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can infrared be harmful? – As far as current studies have shown, infrared gas stoves are not powerful enough to alter the molecular structure of foods.

What are the disadvantages of infrared heating? – One of the main disadvantages to cooking with an infrared gas heater is that it takes longer to heat the cookware. This is in comparison to induction heaters which essentially heat the cookware instantaneously. Another disadvantage when compared to traditional gas stoves is that infrared stoves don’t work very well on round-bottom cookware.

What type of heat is infrared? – Infrared is a type of radiated heat. It’s the same kind of heat that you feel on your skin on a sunny day or from a campfire. It is the most basic type of heating that we know of.

Final Assessment

Infrared gas3

So are infrared gas stoves worth buying? One of the major considerations you have to make about these kinds of stoves has to do with budget.

The upfront cost of full-sized infrared gas stoves is still pretty high compared to normal gas stoves.

While the price will surely go down as time goes by, as it stands, they are some of the most expensive kinds of stoves you can buy in 2022. You also have to consider the higher price for maintenance and repairs.

However, you can negate a lot of the cost by opting for a smaller, portable infrared gas stove. And while you are less limited with the cookware you can use on an infrared gas stove compared with an induction stove, the price may just be too much for most people to get over.

In the end it may be worth it to wait a few years for the price of these kinds of stoves to drop. But if you can afford the upfront cost and want to save on your utilities, then infrared gas stoves may be a good option for you.