Thrive+ (Cheers) Net Worth 2022 – Shark Tank Update

Thrive+, an alcohol-detoxification supplement, was created by Brooks Powell. Powell tried to negotiate a deal in which he would give 10% of his company to one of the sharks for $400,000, but no one was willing to take the bait.

When you drink alcohol, take Thrive+ as an after-alcohol supplement.

In traditional Chinese medicine, dihydromyricetin is a prevalent compound. However, scientific studies have only recently confirmed its usefulness as a tool in hangovers.

Since Thrive+ is a patented chemical that combines Dihydromyricetin with a proprietary component, it is more bioavailable and effective than Dihydromyricetin when taken alone as an alcoholic aid.

What Is Thrive+ (Cheers)?

Cures for hangovers sound like something out of a science fiction novel. Well, it’s not! Newly rebranded Thrive+, now called Cheers, has formulated a miracle vitamin that eliminates the after-effects of alcohol consumption.

He and his neuroscience instructor worked with a pharmaceutical company in New York to create the drug.

The ‘vitamin’ occurs in tablet or powder form that assists with the adverse effects of drinking the next day, including dehydration and sluggishness.

For it to be most effective, it is meant to be consumed immediately after your last drink of the night.

Thrive+ (Cheers) Net Worth and Overview

Company Name

 Thrive+ (Cheers)


Brooks Powell


No Shark








 $5 million

Shark Tank appearance: Did it go through?

Brooks appeared before the sharks during season 9 of Shark Tank. He went onto the show with the quest to raise $400,000 in exchange for 10% of his company.

The sharks slowly began rejecting his pitch during his time on the show.

Even before hearing the presentation, Mark Cuban was skeptical about Thrive+ and the claims the company made. So Cuban gave Powell little room to build a coherent pitch into his presentation.

Powell struggled to take the lead during the pitch; thus, he could not give specifics about Thrive+’s financial data or draw similarities to the other companies. Because of this, every other shark was quickly and mercilessly wiped out.

Unfortunately, Brook’s left the tank with no investors alongside him.

Where is Thrive+ (Cheers) company today?

With the help of Shark Tank, Thrive+ could see tremendous growth. Regardless of their best efforts, they were unable to reach an agreement.

More than 10,000 people visited the Thrive+ website within the first ten minutes of the show airing.

March sales for Thrive+ came in at $1.1 million, and the company hopes to hit $25 million in annual sales by the end of 2018.

Powell is quite clear that he disapproves of excessive alcohol consumption, and he stresses that his product is not meant to soften the blow of alcohol abuse.

One of the most widely used (and abused) drugs in the United States, he feels it would be in the public’s best interest to help mitigate the negative health consequences and reduce some of the associated costs.

They have also launched a new brand that specializes in hydration called Lightspeed, a sugar-free hydration solution.

As of 2022, the annual revenue for Thrive+ has reached $3.5 million.


To accommodate its growing customer base, Thrive+ has developed a rehydration solution for smokers that is intended to be used immediately following one’s last cigarette of the day.

The team at Thrive+ (Cheers) is committed to growing the company over the next few years.