Woosh Air Net Worth 2022 – Shark Tank Update

What Is Woosh Air?

Woosh Air’s creator, Winston Mok, studied engineering at the University of Waterloo and began his career as an Engineering Associate in Blackberry’s production division in 2001.

He worked his way up to Test Integration Manager by 2005. Winston rose through the ranks of his organization, eventually becoming the Team Leader of the Software Development & Integration team in 2007.

After leaving Blackberry, he got a job at Google. Winston was awed and astonished by Google’s efforts to ensure safe indoor air quality, especially amid the 2018 California wildfires, while he was employed there.

Unfortunately, government buildings were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Google requested that its workers work from home.

Winston, who had been working from home and had seen that most people couldn’t keep their homes at the same level of cleanliness, knew the inconvenience associated with switching HVAC air filters and how often doing so wasted money and reduced air quality.

Winston, intent on finding a solution, racked his head and came up with the concept of Woosh Air. As part of his Woosh Air product line, Winston debuted smart air filters compatible with various standard residential HVAC systems.

The filter material is rated MERV 13, the highest possible rating for a residential filter, and is housed in a reusable plastic frame.

The Woosh Air smart filter also communicates with other smart home devices, such as the Ecobee or Google Nest thermostats, to track indoor air quality and adjust as needed. Even more so, it notifies the user if the air quality suddenly declines or if the filter needs to be changed.

Woosh Air  Net Worth and Overview

Company Name

Woosh Air


Winston Mok


Kevin O’Leary








$5 million

Shark Tank appearance: Did it go through?

Wok got off to a good start in the pitch by outlining the benefits of his product. Sharks scoffed when he said the company had yet to generate income, but a new deal with Emerson seemed promising.

Once Kevin O’Leary got wind of a possible royalty arrangement, he was the first to make an offer. In exchange for a 12.5% stake and $500,000 over ten years, he demanded a perpetual 0.50c fee on every filter sold. Kevin greedily increased his offer to 15% once the remaining Sharks dropped out.

Winston was not a fan of the royalty arrangement because it would negatively affect the company’s ability to generate revenue. Kevin eventually settled on Winston’s counteroffer of 10% shares while maintaining the royalty arrangement.

Even though their show has just aired, they will see an increase in orders thanks to the excellent publicity they received from Shark Tank. More than 330 people who backed him on Kickstarter are now waiting for the product to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Where is Woosh Air company today?

Winston began Woosh Air in March 2020, with the first few units made in his garage using a 3D printer, making it challenging to create a working prototype.

After locating a manufacturer, Winston eventually perfected his device and launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, generating approximately $62,817 by March 2022. The product has yet to be delivered to the early backers, but it can be pre-ordered through the company’s website.

The product, however, gained enough popularity to warrant further distribution. Notable media outlets like Bloomberg, San Francisco Business Times, Yahoo!, Businesswire, and others have covered Woosh Air.

Woosh Air smart air filters can be pre-ordered by customers from their official website for $99 for a standard filter. In contrast, the complete package converts your HVAC system into a smart air purifier for your home and costs $149.


Woosh is finishing up the last electronic components and ramping up production. Woosh is already worth $5 million despite being a very young firm.

Kevin may back out of the deal over the royalties terms. Woosh could leverage this attention to attract a venture capital investor.

Winston’s intentions for the company are ambitious. When asked about his company’s goals, he said boldly, “we want to do for HVAC air filters what Nest did for the home thermostat.”

We wish Winston Mok the best of luck in his future ventures, and Woosh Air filters will be a massive success after seeing all the buzz surrounding them.