BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 16V MAX Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

Modern stick vacuums have a lot of great benefits inherent to their design. Perhaps the best thing about these vacuums is that they are very lightweight and easy to store. But there are a lot of other things to consider if you are thinking about buying a cordless stick vacuum.

So today we will be reviewing a popular stick vacuum, the BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 16V MAX Cordless Stick Vacuum and giving you all the details you need to know about it. Let’s get started!

Overview of the BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 16V MAX Cordless Stick Vacuum

The cordless design really gives you optimal mobility which is nice especially if you have a lot of furniture to work around.

The BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 16V MAX Cordless Stick Vacuum runs on a rechargeable battery but be aware that there is no wall-mounted charging dock available for it. It does have a charging station though.

This vacuum also has the ability to stand on it’s own. In our opinion, one of the major flaws of modern stick vacuums is that they don’t stand upright on their own so this was a nice touch. However, this vacuum can stand on its own because it has two wheels in the back which adds a bit of bulk we normally don’t like to see in stick vacuums.

But you can’t have it all, right? Some concessions must be made and this is one we can live with. The battery can run for about 45 minutes and this vacuum has a smart sensor that will automatically switch suction power based on the type of flooring it’s on.

The stick can be detached so you can use the vacuum as a hand vacuum. There is an LED headlight and the brush bar is anti-tangle – great if you tend to vacuum up a lot of long hair.

First Impressions

We were first impressed by the light weight of this vacuum.

As we tested it, we were even more impressed with how well it picks up hair without the brush roller getting tangled up.

Key Features

16 Volt Motor – Many stick vacuums are a bit underpowered and while the BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 16V MAX Cordless Stick Vacuum is certainly the most powerful vacuum on the market, it’s one of the stronger stick vacuums.

Cyclone Filter – The cyclone filter does a good job of keeping fine debris and dust away from the crucial components of the vacuum.

Washable Filter – You can also remove a component of the filter and wash it with warm water to help keep the suction power up to par.

Crevice Tool – The vacuum comes with a crevice tool that you can attach to the hand vacuum after removing the stick. It’s handy for cleaning in between couch cushions and even for lamp shades and above-head ceiling corners.

How Does it Perform?

Despite the small rear wheels, it maneuvers pretty well. It’s great at getting under furniture and around tight angles. It’s light enough (just over 8 pounds) for anyone in your household to operate and the suction power is moderate.

However, probably the best thing about the performance of this vacuum is that it can ably clean hardwood and carpeted floors. It works well on heavy rugs too.

How Loud is it?

The BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 16V MAX Cordless Stick Vacuum has a 16V motor so it’s pretty quiet compared to more powerful models.

How Heavy?

The BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 16V MAX Cordless Stick Vacuum weighs just over 8 pounds making it extremely light even for a stick vacuum.

How is the Waste Stored?

The waste is trapped in a front-facing dust cup that is very easy to remove and empty. The fact that the dust cup is on the front allows the BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 16V MAX Cordless Stick Vacuum to lie flat and get under beds and furniture.

16V Vs. 20V – Who Should Buy Each?

16v vacuum cleaners are best for people who don’t have to vacuum shag rugs or who don’t live with an indoor pet. 20V vacuum cleaners would be best for people who live in medium sized homes or larger apartments/condos.

16V Vs. 36V – Who Should Buy Each?

A 36v vacuum cleaner would be powerful enough to pick up fine pet hair without just sending it flying all over the room so if you have a pet, you will probably want to look into this type of vacuum. 16V vacuums are better for quick spot cleaning here and there.


  • Very good on hard surfaces and low-pile carpets
  • Auto-detect sensor adjust suction power based on flooring
  • Stands upright on it’s own
  • Very affordable
  • LED light helps you see debris
  • Compact storage


  • Narrow head width
  • Not great for shag or high-pile rugs/carpet
  • Takes a few hours to charge
  • Not great for pet hair

Overall Score: 95/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 16V MAX Cordless Stick Vacuum would be perfect for anyone living in a small to mid-sized apartment with mostly hard floors and low-pile carpet/rugs.

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Final Assessment

The BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 16V MAX Cordless Stick Vacuum is a solid choice and a good value at just around $100. It lacks suction power to handle high-pile carpet and most kinds of pet hair; but if you don’t need a vacuum for that you will be very happy with this one.

We also wish it had one or two more handvac attachments but we can overlook that in light of the tremendous value it offers. Be sure to check it out today!