Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield Review – Is It Any Good?

Why would anyone need a product like Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield? Well for one thing, these kinds of products can be handy when you want to extend the life of your fabrics, outdoor furniture, clothing and even luggage.

They wick water away to repel stains and prevent water damage and even mold and mildew growth.

But is Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield specifically a good product? Read the following review to find out.

Overview of Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield

Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield is a spray-on treatment that can be used on all kinds of outdoor fabrics.

It comes in a 10.5 ounce can and is very easy to apply. It is made by Scotchgard which is a 3M brand.

Quick Facts

  • Spray-on treatment
  • Works on leather
  • Can be reapplied
  • Available online and in-stores
  • Dries odorless
  • One can covers 60 square feet on nylon

Does Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield Actually Work?

In short, yes. Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield has been reviewed very well by people who have been confirmed as actual customers.

Many consumers note that it helps keep outdoor fabrics dry and that it has very versatile use.

Depending on the gauge of the fabric you are using it on, you may have to apply multiple coats which may mean you have to buy multiple cans. But for most fabrics, one can will be enough.

Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield Review

Now onto our specific experience with Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield. Our first impression was good because as soon as we sprayed it (just in the air) we noticed that there was no detectable odor.

And that’s a big deal for us because we hate the smell of chemicals on our fabrics – especially on clothing.

Once we applied a coat to clothing, we also noticed that it didn’t change the feel or texture of the garment.

Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield wicked water away very well and it was clear that if you left an outdoor furniture cushion outdoors in a downpour, that Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield would do at least a moderately good job of keeping the stuffing dry.

Of course, there are limitations. While Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield probably won’t be enough to save your outdoor furniture after days and days of heavy rain, it provides reasonable protection against water.

Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield Selling Points

  • Does not produce any detectable odor
  • Does not change the appearance or texture of fabrics
  • It can be used on polyester, nylon, suede, leather and cotton
  • Great for all kinds of items including but limited to luggage, backpacks, raincoats, tarps, boat covers, rain gear, tents and patio furniture
  • Multiple coats can be applied for extra protection
  • Does not change the color of fabrics or impart color

Who Should Buy Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield?

Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield would be absolutely great for campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. We can also see avid golfers using this product to protect their golf bags.

In reality though, Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield would be a good choice for almost anyone. It works great on patio furniture and it can also protect your everyday clothes if you live in a particularly rainy area.

It’s an inexpensive consumer-level water repellant and it can be used on virtually any material which is what makes it useful to so many people.

Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield Pros & Cons


  • It can be used on all kinds of materials
  • It’s affordable
  • Great for protecting expensive boots
  • Does not leave behind an odor
  • It’s widely available both online and in stores
  • You can usually get a good return policy for it


  • Heavier gauge materials need multiple coats
  • One can may not be enough for your needs
  • Heavy rains or water exposure require frequent re-coating

3 Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield Alternatives

  1. RepelWell – RepelWell is a toxin-free spray-on water repellent that can be used on apparel and furniture. It’s not great for outdoor furniture but is safe for indoor use.
  2. Kiwi Camp Dry – This is a heavy duty water repellent that was designed for outdoor use. It’s good for camping gear, tents, boots, backpacks and more.
  3. Guardsman Fabric Defense – This spray-on water repellent not only protects fabric from water damage, it also repels stains.

Is Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield Worth it?

If you have multiple fabrics that you want to protect from water damage, Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield is definitely worth it – especially because it doesn’t cost very much.

Is Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield Toxic?

Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield was made to be safe for use on all kinds of fabrics and contains no known toxins.

Is Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield Breathable?

Yes. One thing we found in our testing is that it did not alter the breathability of our fabrics.

Is Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield the Same as Fabric Protector?

Not exactly. Scotchgard also makes a Fabric Protector that is geared more towards protecting various fabrics from stains.

It prevents stains from reaching deep down into the fibers so that they are easier to clean up.

For the most part, Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield will only be useful for protecting from water stains and water damage.

How do you Apply it?

Shake the can well to prime it. Then, hold the can 6- inches away from the fabric and spray in sweeping motions.

How Long Does it Take to Dry?

In most cases, you will have to leave your Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield treated fabrics to dry overnight.

How Does it Perform in the Sun?

As far as we could tell, Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield did not provide marked protection from the sun.

Final Assessment

So is Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield any good? We would say so.

Even though heavier gauge fabrics will need more coats and probably more than one can to protect, Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield performed well in almost every situation.

It’s not a bad idea to have a can of this stuff handy to protect your outdoor fabrics, bags and clothing.